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The Brief Introduction of Silicon Powder Briquetting Machine:
Silicon powder briquetting machine can be a variety of powdered or granulated slag example: iron ore, iron powder, fluorite powder, silicon powder, aluminum powder, magnesium and other mineral powder after strong pressure, pressed into spherical, oval-shaped, oval-shaped and other shapes can be used to suppress a good blast furnace slag, metal reduction and other areas.

The Structure of Silicon Powder Briquetting Machine:
Silicon powder briquetting machine structure consists of three parts: the feed section; transmission parts; molded parts.
1.feeding part, is to achieve dosing to ensure access to the material evenly between the rolls. Screw feeding device by the electromagnetic speed motor drive, the pulley, worm gear rotates, the material will be pressed forcibly entered the inlet pressure. As the electromagnetic motor constant torque characteristics when pressure feeding screw feeder amount of material equal to the desired host, you can maintain a constant feed pressure so pellet quality.
2.transmission parts, main drive system are: motor-a triangle with --- open gear reducer --- --- roll. Host powered by electromagnetic speed motor, pulley, spur gear reducer, coupling with spread through the rod axis. Driving shaft and the driven shaft through the open gear to ensure synchronous operation.
3.forming part of, mainly referring to host part of the core part of the roll.

Description of final product:
The finished briquette won't be broken when dropped from 150-150cm height. Meanwhile, it is easy for combustion, no smell and last longer when burning.the final product shape and the size can be design according to you.also,our engineer will suggest you the best size and shape for you.

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