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Grinding strip plays an important role in fine grinding, while impact effect is rarely. Wet ball mill points out: grinding strip has something to do with the material's surface area. Therefore, on the base of providing enough grinding stretchy, the machine trys to enlarge the grinding area. While enlarging the grinding area have to reduce the materials' size. Long before, different shapes materials, such as cone, cube, round pad, and etc, has been used for grinding materials. Wet ball mill proved their effects were worse than long round stick or sphericity. The most commonly used spherical and stick materials, stick is suitable for coarse grinding, and ball is suitable for fine grinding. However, the ball's surface area is bigger than stick, so the sphericity is more suitable for fine grinding process. Fine grinding requires less materials filling rate. The motion in ball mill medium have two kinds: throw fell type and purging fell type. Throw fell type is priority to produce wallop, wet ball mill is suitable to crush coarse grained ores. Purging fell type is producing the grinding, in which impact is slight and suitable for U3t fine grinding process.

However, only in the condition of less materials filling rate, purging fell type is more likely to produce, so the filling rate fine in grinding process is lower than the coarse grinding process. Metal mine grinding is the same as it. During fine grinding process of wet ball mill, it breaks ore mainly by grinding, it rarely produce strong impact resistance, the strength is slightly lower to the coarse grinding materials. The wear intention in fine grinding process is larger, so it requires wear-resistant materials as grinding materials in fine grinding. Wet ball mill has to consider the rational matching of resistance and hardness in the production and choice. Besides, the size of materials is also important factor to affect the choice of the materials.

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