sodium polyacrylate food grade

sodium polyacrylate food grade
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Sodium polyacrylate is a new kind of water-soluble macromolecule compound,which has the features such as odorless,tasteless,high purity, extremely sable performance and could not corrupt forever . Not only With strong thickening , emulsifying , shaping ,puffing , stability ,water retention and other functions, but also has the high viscosity of 15 to 20 times than that of the CMC or sodium alginate. It can replace the role of CMC , gelatin , fat ,sodium alginate , to reducing the production costs , improve food grade ,it is a non-dangerrous goods and harmless to human body.


1. As a thickener in the food , sodium polyacrylate has the following effects:
a. Strengthen adhesion of protein in raw material flour.
b. Scattered starch ion combined with each other,permeate to the reticularstructure of protein , to change its structure,enhance the viscoelasticity of food.
c. Form dense texture of the dough, smooth surface and with luster
d. Form stable colloidal dough to prevent exudation of soluble starch
e. Strengthen water retention , maintain moisture uniformly in the dough to prevent drying,
f. To improve the dough to prevent drying.
g. Make the grease composition of raw material scattered steadily to the dough
2. As the electrolyte , sodium polyacrylate interract with protein to change protein structure,enhance the viscoelasticity of food , improve the proteintissue.

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