Strategic points of safeguarding HX jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher of use and maintenance of points, according to machine type and different from different working conditions. General consideration is that:

1, before starting to be first with the human jaw crusher of a drive wheel moving twice to confirm after the flexible movement, before they can drive. Such as jaw crusher is operating normally after the feeding.

2, the jaw crusher stops running, should stop feeding the material and machine drain, then cut off the jaw crusher motor power.

3, in the jaw crusher in operation bearing in mind the temperature, to ensure good bearing lubrication state, and pay attention to any abnormal sound and vibration. Found to be normal, you should stop checking whether the jaw crusher broken objects are not easy to get stuck, or mechanical damage.

4, to maintain the jaw crusher evenly to the material, to prevent overload. Prevent the metal and wood objects cannot be broken into machine. Cannot be broken when the feed water is not too high; wet broken, then the need to maintain an appropriate amount of water to prevent clogging due to lack of flushing, lower jaw crusher capacity.

5 checks the jaw crusher product size meet the requirements. If you exceed the size of the particles too, should find out the reasons (such as screen bar gap is too large, too wide discharge opening, hammer wear, etc.), and to take appropriate measures to eliminate.

6, the jaw crusher stop, to check whether the bolts tightened firmly, easy to wear how to wear parts. Crusher on the teeth, it also should take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of parking between the teeth caught in the wood.

7, jaw crusher the worn parts should be replaced or repaired.

8, jaw crusher safety device to keep in good condition, not for the easy way, leaving the safety device failure.

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