Stress adds challenge to ore machinery research

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  Leading stress management experts say that life without stress would be dull and unexciting?Stress adds flavor,challenge,and opportunity to life?However,too much stress can seriously affect your physical and mental well—being?A major challenge in today’s stress—filled world is to make the stress in your life work for you instead of against you?In today’s hectic,fast—paced world and with the booming economy,stress is our constant companion?It comes from mental or emotional activity and physical activity?Too much emotional stress can result in physical illness,such as high blood pressure,ulcers,asthma,irritable colon,headaches,or even heart disease?0n the other hand?physical stress from work or exercise rarely causes such ailments?In fact,physical exercise can help you to relax and to handle your mental or emotional stress? Hans Selye,M?D?,a recognized expert in the field.has defined stress as a“non—specific response of the body to a demand”?The key to reducing stress is learning how our bodies respond to those demands?When stress becomes prolonged or particularly frustrating,it can become harmful—causing distress or“bad stress”?Recognizing the early signs of distress and then doing something about them can make a significant difierence in the quality of your life?In order to use stress in a positive way and prevent it from becoming distress,you should be aware of your own reactions to stressful events?The body responds to stress by going through specific stages?alarm,resistance,and exhaustion?Muscles tense,blood pressure and heart rate rise,and adrenaline and other stress—triggered hormones that increase the level of alertness are released?
It is similar with machinery company. We are in stress condition every now and then. While, the

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