The deep seated reason Jaw crusher stop operating

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As we know, if a person is sick he needs to see a doctor in a hospital where someone will tell you what's wrong with you and make an analysis for you. Similarly, how to analyse the possible problems when a jaw crusher can not crush normally? Let's be a doctor.

While using the Jaw Crusher, there might be problems happening, despite we edged to avoid such kind of suitation. But there are many problems which can be fixed easily. Here is a solution for the problem: the flywheel rotates but the jaw crusher can not crush, the toggle plate falls down.

Possible reason 1

The spring at the back botttom of the jaw crusher break. We can solve this problem simply by replacing the broken spring with a good one.

Possible reason 2

The jaw bar is broken. Maybe while the jaw crusher working, something extremely hard has fallen into the crushing chamber. And the jaw crusher can not break it down(we kinly remind our users to avoid such accident in daily production, for it will do great damage to the machine). In this case, the jaw bar would very likely to be damaged. We need to put a new jaw bar into the right position before the crusher can work normally.

Possible reason 3

The jaw bar bolt is loose. Just fasten the bolt on end of the jaw bar would solve this problem.

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