The structure analysis of rotary kiln

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Rotary Kiln is Widely Used in the Ferrous Metallurgy Industry. In the process of Beneficiation, Rotary Kiln can be used for the magnetizing and roasting of lean iron which turns its previous weak magnetism to strong magnetism and is good for beneficiation. According to various types of the ore, there are different roasting methods for the magnetizing and roasting such as reduction roasting, oxidation roasting, reduction & oxidation roasting, and neutral roasting. The most used reducing agent and fuel types are gas and solid. One most important feature of the magnetizing and roasting kiln by the gas reducing agent and fuel is that many gas nozzles are distributed on the kiln and moves with it to add gas reducing agent and fuel to every section of the kiln. When using the solid reducing agent, the gas pipe and air pipe on the kiln can be removed to make it simple in structure.Tyres, sometimes called riding rings, usually consist of a single annular steel casting, machined to a smooth cylindrical surface, which attach loosely to the kiln shell through a variety of "chair" arrangements. These require some ingenuity of design, since the tyre must fit the shell snugly, but also allow thermal movement. The tyre rides on pairs of steel rollers, also machined to a smooth cylindrical surface, and set about half a kiln-diameter apart. The rollers must support the rotary kiln equipment , and allow rotation that is as nearly frictionless as possible. A well-engineered rotary kiln, when the power is cut off, will swing pendulum-like many times before coming to rest. Rotary kilns usually rotate at 0.5 to 2 rpm, but sometimes as fast as 5 rpm. The Kilns of most modern cement plants are running at 4 to 5 rpm. The bearings of the rollers must be capable of withstanding the large static and live loads involved, and must be carefully protected from th

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