The truth hiding behind the mining accident

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1. Noise hazards

Mechanical facilities in the process of mining machinery manufacturing will produce different levels of noise in the running process, for example: Ventilator, air compressor as well as crusher, etc high mechanical noise facility; If the selection of these facilities were unreasonable, we don't adopt avoids the noise pollution the processing method ,which will be exposure of noise hazards to the contact noise operators, and sometimes even to induce the operators make errors operational and motivate production safety accidents.

2. Water hazards

There are many reasons that lead to water hazards of mine; including mine drainage with unreasonable layout, power supply lines and drain line can't meet the requirements, lacking of experience of mine drainage, etc. We operate magnetic separator, ball mill, crusher high mechanical facilities, paying attention to particularly.

3. Physical explosion

Due to non-standard use of pressure vessels and piping motivated in mining operations, it will motivate explode. For example: air compressor air tank, boilers and other existing failure to lead to physical explosion hazard; operation error in production, facility security annex to lose effectiveness, facilities operation and management unreasonable. For all these reasons, they can lead to make inappropriate explosion accidents.

4. Fire disaster

Operation of mining machinery poor facilities , failure of friction heat ignite combustible materials , electrical sparks to ignite the fuel failures by arc ignition of combustible materials , arc ignition of combustible materials , the operators make errors in operation which lead to a heat conduction and ignite combustible object . For all these reasons, will guide development of fire dangerous

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