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Smelting ore MT tubular ball mill is usually used for crushing , grinding all kinds of thermal power plants without hardness of coal use. The coal mill is adaptable, safety and reliable operation. Follow-up maintenance and maintenance is also very convenient.
Tubular ball mill work principle is to use the motor through the rod pin coupling, aid gear speed reducer and open big gear reduction drive, and then turns mill department of rotating cylinder.
Steel ball is the inside of the tube type coal mill grinding medium. Whenever there is a rotating cylinder, cylinder body of the steel ball will use the centrifugal force and friction to achieve rotation. When the cylinder is lift to a certain height, it will fall down because of its own gravity.
At this time in the cylinder of steel ball will hit the inside of the coal, under the impact, coal is ground into a pulverized coal step by step.
And then , pneumatic equipment in the coal pulverizing system will have good grinding pulverized coal directly to or for combustion of the pulverized coal in the boiler to the coal storage.
Before the opening of static and dynamic pressure lubrication of the coal mill ,lubricating oil station of high and low pressure oil pump at the same time open. When in critical condition, static pressure to the high pressure oil flow in the tubing into the bearing, the drive of the coal mill department to achieve "rose", let the oil film bearing, and improve and improve the lubrication conditions of the coal mill in the open.
After low pressure into the continuous flow dang open mill, thus achieve dynamic pressure lubrication. When the coal mill normal operation for 2-3 minutes, high pressure oil pump will stop working, the coal mill bearing lubrication is completely dependent on the low dynamic pressure lubrication.
Smelting ore tubular ball mill usually served with three kinds of auxiliary devices, respectively is , tubular ball mill jacking device, tubular ball mill sieve d

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