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Interested in saving money on a backhoe, loader, jaw crusher, sand maker or belt conveyor? Sometimes, buying used mining, construction or heavy equipment is a smart way to go and makes sense. Other times, you'd be better off going home empty handed. Here are a few ways you can make sure you get a good deal on used construction equipment.

Look carefully...

Go over the used equipment you're investigating slowly and carefully. New paint jobs are relatively cheap and can cover up a lot of problems. Look for evidence of rust patching or cover-up – poke suspect areas with a tool to be sure. Check underneath the vehicle for evidence of leaks. Inspect hoses and valves before and after the test drive, so you easily spot fresh leaks.

... but use all your senses

When you're testing out used construction equipment, don't go by your eyes alone. Listen to the engine and the hydraulics as you're testing it out – is the machine straining more than it should? After it's been running for a while, are there any smells of burning oil or electrical problems? Do the controls feel as responsive as they should?

Review Maintenance Records

Most users keep a history of all the maintenance repairs performed to the equipment. Many log hours against the actual components and requesting these would be very prudent and helpful for your assessment. Engine hours may differ from hours on hoist cylinders or tracks for example so understanding the life of components will help you determine fair market value.

If possible, buy from established companies or dealers

You are much more likely to have problems if you buy used construction equipment from individuals or a business that does not focus on construction or mining. Mining Machinery companies have several advantages when it comes to used equipment:

a.They have a reputation in the industry;

b.They know that if you're buying used equipment now, you're likely to need more equipment in the future and making sure you are a re

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