What Has Significant Influence on the Dryer Working

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Direct rotary kiln dryers are the most versatile and simplest form of drying. The kilns specifications are determined by the material, how much drying, and how long must it be in the drying process. These dryers are suited for material that are not required to be isolated from a burning system. Typical direct rotary kiln dryers also run some level of oxygen in the system. There are many factors influence the production of dryer equipment, and the convection heating element of dryer has significant influence on the dryer machine working.Convection heating is dry and granular, or paste-like materials, spoke the most common way. By hot air or other gas flow through the material layer surface or the logistics to provide heat and evaporate the moisture away from the drying medium. Air, an inert gas , the direct combustion of gas or superheated steam convection drying system can be used as the heating medium. This dryer drying in the initial phase of constant velocity, the material surface temperature of the corresponding wet bulb temperature of the heating medium. Drying in the deceleration phase, gradually approaching the temperature of the material medium of dry bulb temperature, the drying heat-sensitive substances, must take into account these factors. When using superheated steam drying, the materials of the highest operating pressure at the temperature corresponding to the saturation temperature.Convection are commonly used in fluidized bed dryer, flash emergency, or rotary dryer or spray dryer, a belt, a small cart - tunnel dryer, rotary drum dryer and so on. The impact of convection heating for the drying machine is very important for the drying equipment working. We should take the influence of convection heating for the drying machine seriously, so that

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