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What's the DurkeeSox System? DurkeeSox Fabric Air Dispersion System Overview An unique fabric air dispersion system in HVAC/R industry replacing traditional air ducts,air valves,diffusers and insulation. A flexible air d ...

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DurkeeSox fabric air ducting is superstar in Gymnasium

DurkeeSox fabric air ducting is superstar in Gymnasium
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DurkeeSox fabric air ducting plays important role in gymnasium projects, for this large & high space, DurkeeSox textile ventilation system especially can save the overall cost, and make airconditioning system effect perfect. Compare with mental ductwork, spiral ductwork, phenolic composite air duct, Let us see example of how DurkeeSox fabric air duct work in gymnasium of American School as following:

The air-conditioned area in the steel framed gymnasium of American School is 2400 square meters (26,000 square feet), with a ceiling height of over ten meters (33'). It's composed of a large open space as basketball or volleyball court, surrounded by tiered seating for spectators. The original design calls for metal ductworks with over 70 vortex jet nozzles to be installed inside metal lattice of space frames. The customer later decides to use aesthetic DurkeeSox fabric air dispersion system instead of metal ductworks, considering the time and labor consuming installation, and larger noise of the latter option.

DurkeeSox textile ductworks are installed inside the metal lattice of the pace frames. Multiple lines of orifices on the ductworks cover bigger target area in lower air velocity. Even and comfortable airflow and lower noise level is achieved with 8 parallel ductworks, in a style of simplicity.

The lighter weight of DurkeeSox air duct system, less than 10% of the conventional metal system, dramatically reduced the cost of the steel roof structure. Fast installation by using galvanized cable suspension system also helps to further trim the system budget.

The blue color of the duct fabric blends well with the interior decor, which makes the duct system more appealing.