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What's the DurkeeSox System? DurkeeSox Fabric Air Dispersion System Overview An unique fabric air dispersion system in HVAC/R industry replacing traditional air ducts,air valves,diffusers and insulation. A flexible air d ...

DurkeeSox(Shanghai) Air Dispersion System Co.,Ltd
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Key Standard for Fabric Air Duct Industry

Key Standard for Fabric Air Duct Industry
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For fabric air duct industry, some key parameters are very important:
1, the fire resistant of fabric material. DurkeeSox use Nonosox material is the highest level in the worldwide, it is inherent permanent fire resistant material with 15 years warranty. It is different from other similar products mostly made of after-treatment fire resistant fabric, the fire resistant performance will decrease a lot after washing. But Nonosox shows no decreasing in material fire property after washing, and reaches an optimum fire performance at the same time.
2,the permeability.
DurkeeSox has the most diversified permeability in the worldwide. from 0.5 cfm/ft2 to 32 cfm/ft2, micro permeability weaving technology makes DurkeeSox fabric air duct system a better air dispersion performance and better energy-saving effect in high and large space.Different from commonly used general permeability fabric in this industry, we created fabrics with air permeability less than 9m3/m2/h 0.5cfm/ft2 to control the permeated airflow volume to minimum in high space with high pressure of AHU. Meanwhile,the system is also featured by condensation free, energy-saving and better air velocity effect.