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ADA-13040MG - ETHERNET to RS-485/ RS-422 with MODBUS GATEWAY Converter

ADA-13040MG - ETHERNET to RS-485/ RS-422 with MODBUS GATEWAY Converter
EUR 220.00 - 225.00
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Product Description

ADA-13040MG converter is used for data transmission between devices equipped with RS485/ RS422 interface via LAN/WAN network. In the ETHERNET network converter can operate in Virtual Serial Port mode, TCP serial bridge mode, UDP serial bridge mode, TCP sockets, UDP sockets and MODBUS Data Gateway . The MODBUS Data Gateway converts MODBUS-RTU master/slave and MODBUS-ASCII master/slave protocol to MODBUS-TCP and inversely. This allows for integrate MODBUS-RTU/ASCII with MODBUS-TCP devices within one network.
Converter uses protocols: TCP, UDP, DHCP, SNMP, SSL/TLS, Telnet, Rlogin, LPD, HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, ICMP, IGMP, ARP. It has a built-in WWW web server what allow you to configure and menage it via internet browser. The ADA-13040MG supports the baud rate 230,4 kbps via RS485/RS422 interface and use RX+,RX-,TX+(A),TX-(B) signals. It is possible to connect 32 devices operating in half duplex mode to RS485 network constructed on ADA-13040MG.
The Converter is adapted to supply an external voltage source fron 10V to 30V and power 3W. ADA-13040MG has implemented protection against opposite polarization of power supply and over-voltage protection on RS485/RS422 network. Converter has galvanic isolation between ETHERNET and RS485/RS422 interface and power supply and optoisolation in signal channel between ETHERNET and RS485/RS422 interface.
We provide with converter the drivers which installed in the operating system (Windows 98ME,2000,XP,2003,Vista,7), will create an additional COM port. This port is the next free number eg COM3, can be used like a standard COM port. However it is not the real port existing in a computer, but only a virtual, created by the system, therefore some programs running under DOS and links to this COM port may not function properly.