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Wisage Technology.Inc.

Wisagetech was established in 2004, with headquarters in the U.S. and Hong Kong, a research center in Guangzhou and sales centers in America and Beijing. It is a leading provider of CRM, Enterprise Performance Management ...

Wisage Technology.Inc.
438 Red Birch Court
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8thManage-Project Management Software

8thManage-Project Management Software
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Product Description

8thManage PM (Project Management Software) is a tool designed by expert project management practitioners. The designers included carefully considered features to eradicate common pitfalls encountered in everyday operations. It improves communication for you and your team by keeping everyone more informed, organized and on schedule.

1. Situational Project Management
- Choose the Practices Suitable for Your Situation
8thManage PM helps organizations manage small, unstructured projects to large, highly-sophisticated projects
8thManage PM supports traditional techniques such as WBS, scope structure, Gantt chart, critical path, EVM as well as modern techniques such as Iterative Dependency and Reality Check

2. Enterprise Collaboration
8thManage PM provides the foundation for individual and group coordination and interaction
-Functional and project-oriented organization management
-Common language for request, commit, deliver and accept
-Group, committee and site coordination and management
-Client, partner and supplier coordination and management
-Inter-organization interaction and escalation management

3. Enterprise Program Management
8thManage PM and 8thManage PMO together provide complete coverage for managing portfolio of projects
-Standard cost classifications and automated financial consolidation and reporting
-Multi-organizational accountability Policy enforcement in enterprise, PMO and project levels
-Information transparency
-Aggregated scope and milestone management
-Cost management in PMO and project levels
-Change request management in PMO and project levels
-Aggregated issue and risk management

4. Enterprise Resource Management
8thManage PM provides features for searching, requesting, allocating and tracking of resources in multiple sites, groups, PMOs, projects and activities
-Automated resource search across sites and groups based on skill and availability
-Resource allocation automates cost estimating and budgeting
-Comparison of resource plan vs. actual utilization
-Detection of overloaded and inadequate resources
-Aggregation of enterprise data into portfolio views to identify critical issues and balance risks across initiatives

5. Project Execution Management
8thManage PM allows full traceability of project execution
-Activity scheduling and execution management
-Deliverable scheduling and handoff management
-Dependency scheduling, tracking and acceptance management
-Project and activity approval and re-approval management
-Real-time request and response management
-Real-time risk and problem detection
-Execution policy and control management
-Complete audit trail

6. Commitment Management
8thManage PM provides comprehensive support for 1-way and 2-way project commitments
-Commitment proposal for activity, deliverable and resource
-Commitment record for schedule, cost and quality commitments
-Commitment protocols for proposing, approving and accepting commitments
-Commitment cancellation, fulfillment and breakage management
-Commitment track record management

7. Requirements and Iteration Management
It is difficult to communicate complex requirements in a single exchange.8thManage PM fosters an iterative approach to delivery and acceptance of complex requirements

8. Risk Management
8thManage PM automatically detects systemic risks and provides an integrated risk register for recording user-identified risks and tracking them to closure
-Automatic detection of schedule and cost overrun risks
-Automatic detection of resource inadequacy and shortfall risks
-Automatic detection of deliverable review and acceptance risks
-Automatic detection of control and confidence risks
-Recording of user defined risks and tracking of mitigation actions
-Risk criteria definition and analysis matrix

9. Reality Check
8thManage PM facilitates pulse taking for the project systematically
-Sponsor and team's confidence
-Stakeholders' consensus
-User satisfaction
Besides, 8thManage PM provides Communication and Issue Management, Real-time Monitoring and Tracking, Interaction Management and Decision Support, Methodology Template and CMMI Support, Agile Methods and Maintenance Management, to Ensure that your team work more efficiently.

8thManage PM has the following convenient features built-in:
-Personal dashboard and calendar
-Timesheet facility
-Product and license management features
-Complete document management system
-Complete audit trail

For further information:
Contact: Tel:+ (1)201 882 2447