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Develop(HK) International Holding Group Co., Ltd.

The headquarter of Develop (HK) International Holding Group Co., Ltd. is located in the most prosperous city of Asia-Hong Kong. Our company is one of the largest professional transformer, adapter, switching power supply, ...

Develop(HK) International Holding Group Co., Ltd.
No. 32, Dangang Nan Road, Shiji Village, Shiji Tow
Shiji, GU 314000


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Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal Transformers
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Product Description

1300VA toroidal transformers for professional amplifier
Primary: 0-----220V
Secondary: 0-----16V 1A
0-----23V 1A
0-----23V 1A
75V--0V---75V 4A
75V--0V---75V 4A
Power: 1260VA
Weight: 8.7kg
Size: OD?160mm, H?90mm
Rated no load current?80mA (220V 50Hz)
Primary lead wire with 40mm white fibre tube
Black epoxy resin: primary lead wire to top side, 11mm hole in center.
Use dia. 100mm metal plate and rubber plate in bottom side.
Toroidal transformers frequency: All of our transformers are designed for 50/60Hz.
Toroidal transformer voltage regulation: this is the power lost (heat) in the normal operation of the transformer.
Voltage regulation=(no load voltage-load volatge)/no load voltage*100%
Example: no load voltage 18v, load voltage 17v. voltage regulation=(18-17)/18*100%=6%
A regulation of 6% means the transformer is 94% efficient
Manufactured to Class B 130oC
Class Max Temperature Max Temp Rise
A 105oC 65oC
E 120oC 80oC
B 130oC 90oC
F 155oC 115oC
Toroidal transformers losses do not exceed 2.5watts per kilo (core weight X 2.4) / input voltage