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Atc-1204 Hub, Converter

Atc-1204 Hub, Converter
USD 74.46 - 74.46

Product Description

-Star topology: offer more flexible RS-485/RS-422 star bus structure with RS-485 interface input/output adopting independent drive modes. Change the original single bus structure into network structure which can greatly enhance the stability for engineering construction and system.
-Industrial class photoelectric isolation: offer over 3KV of photoelectric isolation to all RS-485 interfaces, and effectively solve the transmission problems caused by outside lightning strike, surge and potential difference.
-Automatic data direction control: solve data direction problem through hardware, judge and control data transmission direction automatically.
-Short/open circuit protection: possess RS-485 port malfunction alarming function, and can cut off malfunctioned port automatically, which can ensure the isolation of malfunctioned RS-485 PORT connected with it in order to ensure the proper operation of devices in other net segments.

Performance parameters:
-Interface feature: interface is compatible with EIA/TIA RS-232C, RS-485 standard.
-Electric interface: RS-232C interface is RJ-45 socket and RS-485 interface is RJ-45 socket.
-Transmission media: twisted-pair cable or shielded cable.
-Working mode: asynchronous half duplex.
-Signal indication: 2 green signal indication lights indicate TXD RXD, a red light indicates power supply and there are still 4 red malfunction alarming lights.
-Isolation: isolation voltage 3500VRMS 500V sequence.
-Transmission speed: 115.2K-300 BPS.
-Protecting grade: RS-232 interface+15KV ESD protection RS-485 interface 600W lightning strike and surge protection on each line.
-Transmission distance: 0-5 kilometers (57600-300BPS).
-Size: 140mmx130mmx30mm.
-Working environment: -25oC to 55oC, 5% to 95% relative humidity