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JLINK full-featured ARM emulator (V8) TQ2440

JLINK full-featured ARM emulator (V8) TQ2440
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Product Description

Detail: JLINK full-featured ARM emulator (V8) TQ2440

This product has all the features J-LINK V8, V7, compared with the previous version, has the following characteristics:
(1) SWD hardware interface support 1.2-5.0V of the target board, V7.0 only support 3.3V target board.
(2) V8.0 to use more two-color LED to indicate working status, V7.0 only one LED.
(3) optimize the structure of the firmware, firmware upgrade feature to move the bootloader area, doubling the application area, easy to add new features.

This product is a high-volume processing, and quality assurance:

Compared with the general JLink V8, the following three features:
1.Use the Type A USB interface, direct access to a computer; other JLink side port using the USB interface, the need to extend the line.
2.smaller and more compact, less than the half the general Jlink
3.There are three JTAG interface: 10pin 2.0mm pitch, 20pin 2.0mm pitch, 20pin 2.54mm pitch.
General JLink only 2.54 pitch 20 pin of JTAG lines to support other types of JTAG socket adapter plate needed.
The following is a comparison of products and general JLink icon on the left is the product, the right is the general Jlink.

1 case:

2. PCB

3. USB extension cable

4. JTAG cable

5. MINI2440 connection with

Special Statement
1.domestic Taobao most JLink v8 diagram from the same source, is "compatible" in the genuine JLink.
There are two genuine Jlink v8 Philips ALVC164245; many online businesses to copy schematic,
Instead of using a 74LV125 a ALVC164245, first cost, and second, there is no real
Power to modify the schematic.
2.ALVC164245 generally Philips, TI two, Philips supports a wider voltage range,
Resolution method is: Philips chip on "NXP" words, or a similar emblem pattern.
3.There are many businesses do not publish their internal pictures, more bad businesses use JLINK V7
Hardware circuit, just look at software upgrade to act as JLINK V8 to sell.
So please buy JLINK V8 buyers should note that the best is to ask businesses to provide internal images.
Original JLINK V8's output in part by two ALVC164245 to complete.
Our commitment: the sale JLINK V8 is a real V8, 3 months, if the quality of returned packages, bear the return postage; 1 year warranty.

JLink features:
J-Link emulation is SEGGER's ARM core chip to support the launch of the JTAG emulator. With IAR EWARM, ADS, KEIL, WINARM, RealView and other integrated

development environment for all ARM7/ARM9 core chip simulation, through the RDI interface and the integrated development environment seamlessly, easy to operate, easy connection, easy to learn, is learning to develop ARM the best and most practical development tools.
Full-featured version, support for RDI, FlashDL, FlashBP, JFlash, GDBFull, support firmware upgrade
USB 2.0 interface;
Support any ARM7/ARM9 nuclear Cortex M3 supported, including ithumb mode;
Download speeds of up to 600k byte / s;
DCC speed reaches 800k byte / s;
Can be seamlessly integrated with IAR Workbench;
Powered via USB, no external power supply;
JTAG clock to achieve maximum 12M;
Automatic core recognition;
Auto speed recognition;
Support adaptive clock;
All JTAG signals can be monitored, target voltage can be detected;
Support multiple devices on a JTAG chain debugger;
Completely plug and play;
20Pin standard JTAG connector;
Wide target voltage range: 1.2V-5.0V;
Multi-core debugging;

Including software:
J-Mem, the query can be modified memory;
J-Link Server: (via TCP / IP connection to the J-Link);
J-Flash, Flash programming support for independent, as mass production solutions;
Plug the J-Link RDI for any RDI compliant debugger, such as IAR, ADS, Relview and Keil, etc.;
RDI Flash BP, can be achieved in the RDI, the infinite set breakpoints in Flash;
RDI Flash DLL, can be achieved under the RDI independent programming of the Flash;
GDB server, can be achieved in the GDB debugging environment.

Sales list:
1. JLINK V8 with a shell products
2. JTAG debug cable 3: 2.0 pitch 10-pin, 2.0 pitch 20-pin, 2.54 pitch 20-pin
3. USB extension cable 1
4 CD-ROM, a We have a real