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AAA--Dongyin Nuoer Chemical Limited Liability Company

Nuoer Chemical which is professional in water treatment chemicals,including cationic PAM,Anionic PAM,Zwitterionic PAM,Nonionic PAM and PAM emulsion etc. Applications are as below: 1. As a flocculating agent, mainly used ...

AAA--Dongyin Nuoer Chemical Limited Liability Company
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nonionic pam(polyacrylamide)

nonionic pam(polyacrylamide)
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Product Description

Nonionic Polyacrylamide application:

1. Sewage treatment agent: When sewage shows acidic suspension use as flocculant with best effort,more effectively used with inorganic flocculant(aluminum and aluminum sulfate)

2. For metallurgical beneficiation, such as Mn ore and copper ore flotation etc

3. For textile industry, used as an auxiliary by adding some other chemicals made into a chemical slurry.
For textile sizing,can improve the adhesion, penetration and performance of pulp removal, the fabric has anti-static, reduce sizing rate, plasma cutter to reduce plaque, cloth breakage rate and litter

4. Sand control and sand-fixation by adding cross-linking agent,spraying in the desert, the solidified films can control and fixing sand.
In arid areas, can be used as soil moisture agent;used in the constuction industry,construction glue,interior wall paint and so on.

5. Agent for oil field plugging.

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