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Able Billion Asia Limited
7th.Weichaolun Buliding.Weichaolun Part's,Bailang
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Dongfeng Cummins Construction Machinery Engine B Series

Dongfeng Cummins Construction Machinery Engine B Series
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Dongfeng Cummins
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10 Work days
Wooden Case
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1 Set(s)
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1000000 Set(s) per Year

Product Description

High fuel efficiency. fewer fuel consumption at leading level than other competitive products. The turbocharger with wastegated design optimizes operation acrosss the torque ourve resulting in excelentlow-end torque. Compacted yet durable and dependable engine .B series engine contaions up to 40% fewer parts than competitive engines in its class.this results in a better power-to-weight ration.a less chance of failure and lower repair cost. Advanced design and manufacturing.make the engine delivers superior performance and lower cost 6.6KW starters and intake air heater. Excellent performance and advantage. adopt adcanced design to achieve higher horsepower and lower weight.horsepower per liter reached 22.4kw/L.

4BT3.9-C80 80/2000(hp/rpm)
4BT3.9-C100 100/2400(hp/rpm)
4BT3.9-C105 105/2800(hp/rpm)
4BT3.9-C110 110/2200(hp/rpm)
4BT3.9-C125 125/2200(hp/rpm)
4BT3.9-C130 130/2500(hp/rpm)

QSB4.5-C110 110/2200(hp/rpm)
QSB4.5-C125 125/2250(hp/rpm)
QSB4.5-C110 110/2500(hp/rpm)
QSB4.5-C130 130/2500(hp/rpm)
QSB4.5-C130 130/2200(hp/rpm)
QSB4.5-C152 152/2500(hp/rpm)
QSB4.5-C160 160/2500(hp/rpm)
QSB4.5-C160 160/2200(hp/rpm)
6BT5.9-C115 115/2000(hp/rpm)
6BT5.9-C120 120/2200(hp/rpm)
6BT5.9-C125 125/2400(hp/rpm)
6BT5.9-C125 125/2200(hp/rpm)
6BT5.9-C130 130/2200(hp/rpm)
6BT5.9-C135 135/2000(hp/rpm)
6BT5.9-C150 150/2300(hp/rpm)
6BT5.9-C150 150/2400(hp/rpm)
6BT5.9-C150 150/2500(hp/rpm)

6CTA8.3-C145 145/1900(hp/rpm)
6CTA8.3-C175 175/1850(hp/rpm)
6CTA8.3-C180 180/2000(hp/rpm)
6CTA8.3-C195 185/1900(hp/rpm)
6CTA8.3-C215 215/2200(hp/rpm)
6CTA8.3-C215 215/2400(hp/rpm)
6CTA8.3-C230 130/2200(hp/rpm)
6CTA8.3-C240 240/2200(hp/rpm)
6CTA8.3-C260 260/2200(hp/rpm)
6BTA5.9-C150 150/1800(hp/rpm)
6BTA5.9-C155 155/2000(hp/rpm)
6BTA5.9-C170 170/2300(hp/rpm)
6BTA5.9-C175 175/2100(hp/rpm)
6BTA5.9-C180 180/2200(hp/rpm)
6BTA5.9-C180 180/2500(hp/rpm)
6LTAA8.9-C325 325/2200(hp/rpm)