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HISEER, the brand name itself means high seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Impressed by the founder’s specialist knowledge and experience at refrigeration fields, helped by the closed cooperation with engineers from wo ...

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Geothermal ground water to water energy heat pumps unit

Geothermal ground water to water energy heat pumps unit
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Detail: Geothermal ground water to water energy heat pumps unit

HISEER GHP20-DPVHE, ground energy heat pump, with internal Wilo water pump, Honeywell 3 way revert valve and a automatically controlled emersion heater by the outside temperature.

To heat (or cool) your home with geothermal energy you need a heat pump unit (In the same way that your fridge uses refrigerant to extract heat from the inside, keeping a ground source heat pump extracts heat from the ground, and uses it to heat your home.), a loop of refrigerant filled piping buried outside, ductwork inside, a circulating pump, and other mechanical and electrical items which complete the system. Though initially expensive, ground source heat pumps are very cheap to run and maintain, and they are also very efficient and environmentally friendly.

GHP20-DPVHE, designed and tested by European standard EN14511, approved and tested by TUV china branch. Characterized by its high COP, competitive price and perfect quality.

HISEER geothermal ground source heat pump adopts the following world famous parts:
# Siemens controller
# SWEP or GEA plate type heat exchanger
# Daikin compressor
# Schneider A/C contactor
# Emersion expansion valve
# Wilo water pump
# Honeywell 3 way revert valve
# Emersion dry filter
# Honeywell R410a refrigeration

The top 15 meters of the Earth's surface maintains a relatively constant temperature of approximately 12 degrees Centigrade. This energy can be used to heat buildings indirectly. Pipe is buried in the ground, either in a borehole or a horizontal trench. The pipe is usually a closed circuit and is filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze, which is pumped round the pipe, absorbing heat from the ground. In winter the ground is warmer than the air and buildings above. The anti-freeze mixture absorbs heat from the ground, which is then concentrated and transferred to the buildings. This heat can be used to heat domestic water and a low temperature heating system such as underfloor heating.

Underground collectors can be installed in two ways. Either as a horizontal collector, set in a depth of 1.5 to 2 m under ground level or as a vertical one set in one or more boreholes. Bore-holes being significantly deeper than pipes in shallow trenches are less susceptible to seasonal temperature changes and the energy availablefor the heat pump is more even throughout the heating season. When compared to an installation using horizontal collectors, vertical bore-holes and their collectors experience lower seasonal temperature changes and earth-water heat pumps can achieve higher COPs.

# Suitable for the coldest winter area
# The most high efficiency heat pump
# Maintenance free
# Indoor side installation
# No noise level to disturb your neighbor

# Reducing your carbon emission
# Enjoying your green life by installing HISEER heat pumps
# Reducing your heating and cooling bill with high efficiency HISEER heat pumps


- - - -
Heatpump | Type | GHP20-DPVHE |
Dimensions, weights, connectiondimensions | | |
Dimensions | HxWxD | 960x600X600 |
Weight | kg | 165 |
Refrigerant | Type | R410A |
Fillingweight | kg | 3.4 |
Permissibleoperatingpressure | Mpa | 4.2 |
Pipeconnector-hotside | Inch | G11/2 |
Pipeconnector-coldside | Inch | G11/2 |
Evaporator | Type | Brazedplateheatexchanger |
Condenser | Type |
Compressor | | 1xScroll |
PerformanceHeatpump | | | |
Heatoutput | atB0/W35 | kW | 20.3 |
Powerconsumption | kW | 4.60 |
Performancefactor | | 4.41 |
Hotsidevolumeflow | m3/h | 3.49 |
Coldsidevolumeflow | m3/h | 4.50 |
Heatoutput | atW10/W35 | kW | 25.7 |
Powerconsumption | kW | 4.68 |
Performancefactor | | 5.49 |
Hotsidevolumeflow | m3/h | 4.42 |
Coldsidevolumeflow | m3/h | 6.03 |
Power | Type | TriplephasewithHitachicompressor |
Soundpowerlevel | dB(A) | 48 |
TheabovedataistestedbyEN14511 | | |
- - - -