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Green Sense anion shower heads -- could saver 65% tap water

Green Sense anion shower heads -- could saver 65% tap water
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Green sense
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Product Description

Green sense negative ion health water saving shower head.

Product : Negative ion Health Water Saving Shower Head
Brand : Green Sense
Made in KOREA
Product Warranty : 2 Year
Green sense anion water-saving shower features:
1. Save up to 60%~ 65% tap water (According to your home tap water pressure)
2. to eliminate 99% of the chlorine, to prevent harm to the skin and hair
3. strong show Law and scalp, reduce hair loss
4. far infrared of ceramic ball can accelerate blood circulation
5. anions can eliminate fatigue, improve sleep
6. waterfalls to massage the skin, relieve tension and stress
7. deep clean the skin
8. high concentration of negative ions (183,200 / cc)

what's more...

Effectiveness of negative ions of water treatment :
1. When negative ions are inhaled human body can adjust the nerve center of the excitement of a good state of ventilation to improve lung function, promote metabolism, hypertension, asthma, flu, insomnia, arthritis and many other diseases have a certain effect.
While producing negative ions can be fully up and softened water, can quickly remove the skin depths of the dirt, to beauty antibacterial deodorizing.

2. shower head stainless steel mesh stainless steel from South Korea, with special
precision processing technology.
A total of 800 EA Hole, out of the water 0.1mm, may be saving about 65%. Water slender, dense, some massage on the skin Effect.

3.Made in Korea, senior PC exclusive production of plastic, high temperature process without using
Precipitation of any harmful substances, decomposition of recovery only water, is perfect health and environmental protection materials.

4. cleaning power generation of reactive multi-functional water, rich foam ball, than ordinary tap water with high ability to dissolve grease.

5. hair care, hair soft washed activation effect, not easy to struggle.

6. bactericidal effect of nano anti-bacterial antibiotic ball technology and the use of titanium, broad-spectrum antibiotic effective.

7. pets and plants to pet a bath of water activity, can effectively eliminate the smell, the flowers grow more lush. Widely used in home, beauty salon, sauna bath centers.

Product Spec :

1.Material : PC (Polycarbonate) / ABS is also possible
2. Possible water pressure & temperature : 0.7Kg~7.5Kg/Cm2 / 0~75oC
3. Shower Plate structure
Micro small hole --0.1 mm : Plate material is stainless steel
4. Shower plate spec.
Diameter : 0.1mm / Hole number : 800 EA

5. Dust Filter Life Time : About 3 Months, every set include 4 pcs filter, could use 1 year.

Green sense negative ion health water saving shower head about water saving ability
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