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Softening Residential Ozone Water Purifiers with Output DC 12V 3A 36W

Softening Residential Ozone Water Purifiers with Output DC 12V 3A 36W
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Eco Laundry
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Product Description

Detail: Softening Residential Ozone Water Purifiers with Output DC 12V 3A 36W


ECO Laundry Generation II is an environmentally friendly appliance intended for using in a residential laundry facility.

ECO Laundry Generation II is designed to work with your washing machine, adopts magnetizing principle to treat the tap water firstly, then mixed active oxygen and silver ions into the magnetized water used for laundry.The processed water can wash clothes cleanly and kill bacteria on clothes without leaving any residual detergent.

ECO Laundry Generation IIhas the main functions as below:

Soft the water

Sterilization and disinfection;

Decontamination and purification;

Energy conservation and environmental protection

No pollution

The operation of ECO Laundry Generation II is easy and convenient. As long as you install ECO Laundry Generation II properly, you simply need to operate your washing machine following manufacturers operation instructions. ECO Laundry Generation II will start working automatically when the washing machine starts to work, and it will automatically turn off when the washing machine stops operation.


- - - -
Model | ECO Laundry Generation II(OLK-W-02) |
Electrical | Input: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
Output: DC 12V 3A 36W |
Ozone Concentration | 0.4 ~ 0.6 mg /L |
Water Pressure | Minimum:15 psi Maximum:75psi |
Operating Temperature | 0~78 |
Product dimension | 477mmX242mmX103mm |
NetWeight | 2.0 Kgs |
- - - -


Before using, please read the Users Manual carefully.

Disconnect ALL power before servicing.

Do not operate the unit with the cover removed.

Maximum water inlet pressure is 75psi.

Use the supplied new hose when connect the ECO Laundry Generation II unit to your washing machine. You should replace any existing washing machine hose that is more than 2 years old, with a new one.

To prevent leakage caused by back-flow from the washing machine, do not leave your water hose disconnected. Simply turn the water off at the valve / faucet on the wall, leaving the hose connected.

Use a soft cloth dampened with water. Do not clean your ECO Laundry Generation II with harsh chemicals, abrasives or cleansers.

Do not mount the ECO Laundry Generation II unit vertically or at an angle.

ECO Laundry Generation II is designed for residential use only and is not intended for use in a commercial or industrial setting.

ECO Laundry Generation II can work normally in the temperature category 0~78, without components breakdown.

Replacement Parts

- - - -
| Part Name | Part No. |
| Silver Ion Probe | ECO Laundry-P- SI |
| Control Module | ECO Laundry-P- PCB |
| PCO Cell | ECO Laundry-P- PCO |
11 | Oxidizing Module | ECO Laundry-P- OM |
- - - -


Electrical Requirements

ECO Laundry GenerationII requires 120Volt 60Hz power on a 15amp fuse or Circuit Breaker.

A dedicated electrical circuit, equipped with an approved GFCI outlet, is recommended for supplying power to your ECO Laundry Generation II.

NEVER use an extension cord or a power adapter other than the one provided with ECO Laundry Generation II.

Water Requirements

Water pressure of 10 to 75psi is required to correctly operate your ECO Laundry Generation II.

To avoid the possibility of water damage (i.e. a hose leak) it is recommended that you always turn off the water supply valves/faucets when the washing machine is not in use.

Water quality may affect the performance of your ECO Laundry Generation II. If you have water quality concerns, such as high content, consult a water filtration expert.


ECO Laundry Generation II will offer a metallic plate, a power adapter, 4-1/4 tapping screws, a hose, a wrench, and a screwdriver as accessories.

1. The ECO Laundry Generation II should be fastened to the wall, just above and behind your washing machine. First, fix the metallic plate on the wall. The metallic plate has three mounting holes, together with 3 anchor screws. Fasten the metallic plate on the wall with the anchor screws to support the product.

2. Before installation, do not open the unit. There are 3 sockets on the bottom of the unit.Collimate the 3 sockets in the holes of the metallic plate, pull downward slowly, and then the unit is hanging over the metallic plate.

3. Ensure that metallic plate is horizontal. Tilt installation may affect the product operation and visualization.

4. Connect the water inlet on the ECO Laundry Generation II to the cold water supply faucet; and connect the water to you washing machine with the supplied hose. Make sure rubber washers are properly installed in both ends of the hose before connection