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Since Maxsource Chemical foundation, we continuously innovate our products and improve our service, sales network. Hence, we initiate the first sales mode on net in China, which is the retail trade of small package bring ...

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1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid

1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid
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Product Description

1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid
Name 1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid
Synonyms CHDA
Molecular Formula C8H12O4
Molecular Weight 172.18
CAS Registry Number 1076-97-7
EINECS 214-068-6
Melting point 165-168 ºC
Water solubility SOLUBLE
Safety Data
Hazard Symbols Xn
Risk Codes R22;R36
Safety Description S26;S36

1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxybic acid
Molecular formula: C8H12O4
Molecular weight: 172.18
CAS: 1076-97-7
Properties of Pure Products: The cis-trans mixture exists as white crystals, soluble in such organic solvents as ethanol, aceton, and chloroform with the solubility of 10%, and melting point of 164-167°C.
The trans-1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxybic acid exists as white prismatic crystals with less water solubility than the cis-1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxybic acid and its melting point being over 300°C.
The cis-1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxybic acid exists as white leaf-blade crystals with considerable water solubility and the melting point of 170-171°C.
Uses: It is used as synthetic drug for digestive ulcers in medicine, and as modified monomers for polyester resin, to improve its etiolation, and improve its flexibility without changing its hardness.
Packing : In cardboard pails lined with plastic bags with the net content of 25 kg per pail.
Quality Index:
Index Name Indexes
Appearance White Crystal
Content,% 99.0
Melting Point(°C)% 164-167(Mixed),170-171(cis), >300 (trans)
Ash ,% ?0.3
Water,% ?0.5

Conditions of Storage and Transportation: Stored in dark, cool, ventilated storehouses, avoiding smoke and fire, avoiding being stored with oxidant and alkali substances, with shelf life of one year.