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A&S Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd

A&S Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd. founded in 2006 , belongs to A&S Machinery Co., Ltd . It is an trusted and experienced global supplier of diesel parts for majority brands.With five years' hard working and great emphasis on aft ...

A&S Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd
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Chengdu, SI

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Isuzu Diesel Engine Parts

Isuzu Diesel Engine Parts
USD 1.00 - 5.00
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Delivery Lead Time:
2 weeks
Original, or as required
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  • T/T
Minimum Order:
5 Piece(s)
Supply Availability:
10000 Piece(s) per Month

Product Description

A&S Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd is offering spare parts for a whole range of Isuzu diesel engine models, including connecting rods, Pistons, piston rings, Injectors, Camshafts, Crankshafts, Filters, Cylinder, rocker, push rods, coolers, flywheels, Turbochargers, Gaskets, Seals, Oil Pumps, water pumps ,Valves, Castings, radiators, Bearings, bushings, Springs and Guides, etc.

2CA1-AZP01, 2CA1-HZG01, 3CA1-AZP01, 3CA1-GZG01, 3CB1-CZP01, 3CB1-CZP02, 3CB1-CZP03, 3CB1-CZP04, 3CB1-GZG01, 3CD1T-BKZP01, 3CD1T-BKZP02, 3CE1-BDZP1, 3CE1-BDZP2, 3CE1-BDZP3, 3CE1-BDZP4, 3CE1-BDZP5, 3CE1-BGZG1, 4LE1NYBW-01, 4LE1NYBW-02, 4LE1NYBW-03, 4LE1NYBW-04, 4LE1NYBW-05, 4LE1NYGV-01, 4LE1NYGV-02, 4LE1NYGV-03, 4LE1TYBW-01, 4LE1TYGV-01, 4LE2NYGV-01, 4LE2NYGV-02, 4LE2NYGV-03, 4LE2NYGV-04E, 4LE2TAGV-01, 4LE2TAGV-03 (T4F), 4LE2XAGV-02, 4JJ1TYGV-01, 4HK1XYBW-01, 4HK1XYBW-02, 4HK1XYBW-03, 4HK1XYGV-01, 4HK1XYGV-02, 6HK1XYBW-01, 6HK1XYBW-02, 6HK1XYBW-03, 6HK1XYGV-01, 6HK1XYGV-02, 6UZ1XYBW-01, 6UZ1XYGV-01, 6WG1XYBW-01, 6WG1XYGV-01, UM6BG1TCX, UM6HE1TCX, UM6HK1WM-AB2, UM6SD1TCX, UM6WG1TC-AA1, UM6WG1TC-AA2, UM6WG1TC-AA3, UM6WG1WM-AB1, UM6WG1WM-AB2, UM6WG1WM-AB3.

Brands we could offer :Cummins diesel parts, John Deere diesel parts, Yanmar diesel parts, Perkins diesel parts, Caterpillar diesel parts, MAN diesel parts, Detroit diesel parts, Kubota diesel parts, Lister Petter diesel parts, Deutz diesel parts, Hatz diesel parts, Duramax diesel parts, International diesel parts, Onan diesel parts, Nissan diesel parts, Isuzu diesel parts, VM Motori diesel parts, Hercules diesel parts, Volvo Penta diesel parts, Benz diesel parts, VWdiesel parts, Shibaura diesel parts, Mitsubish diesel parts,Yuchai diesel parts, Daewoo diesel parts, CNHTC diesel parts, Scania diesel parts, Jiangdong diesel parts, Gardner diesel parts, Hyundai diesel parts, Kohler diesel parts, and so on.

For more information, contact me at dieselparts (at) esmachinery (dot) com.