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Jinan Qidong Machinery, a professional beer equipment and service manufacturer, providing all kinds of large, medium, and micro beer brewery equipment, self-brewing equipment for hotel, bar, pub and restaurant?and teachi ...

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500l micro beer brewery equipment

500l micro beer brewery equipment
USD 30000.00 - 40000.00
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Delivery Lead Time:
20-35 work days after recieved the deposit order
Container, plastic film, blanket, steel frame, or other packaging for shipping
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Minimum Order:
1 Piece(s)
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2 Set(s) per Month

Product Description

Malt milling 01 Mill machine 300kg/h
Mash system 01 Boiling& whirlpool tank 500L
Outline size:1160×2300
Electric heating power:28 KW
Agitator power: 0.75kw/380v
02 Mash & Lauter Tun
Effective capacity:500L
Outline size:1160×2300
Filter board gap less than 1.2mm
Grain raking power: 0.75kw/380v
03 Wort pump Capacity: 5T/h

04 Pipeline& VLV
05 Plate Heat exchanger Interchanging area: 7m2
06 Thermo- metal thermometer 0-150?
Fermentation system
01 Fermentation tank Gross capacity? 1200L; effective capacity?1000L
02 Yeast adding tank 10L
03 oxygenate machine
04 Pipeline&
Cooling system
01 Glycol ice water tank 1500L
02 Chiller 5P
03 Glycol water pump
04 Pipeline&
Cleaning system
01 Washing pump (moving) Capacity: 3t/h Inlet?40, exit?32
02 Alkali tank 80L
03 Sterilization tank 80L
Control system
01 Electric control cabinet Instrument Auto-control
02 Thermo detector(RTD)
01 ?32 Food tube 25 m
03 Ironclad thermodetector 0---150°C
04 Stainless steel changing diameter Dg40×32
05 Butterfly rubber seals
06 Thermometer and Brix spindle 10°?20°
07 Oxygen addition head ?32
08 Rake
09 Measuring cylinder
We have full lines with beer equipment that other manufactures could not match in China. We can manufacture the equipment under your satisfaction, if you contact us.
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