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Polyethylene PE Pipes
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Flexible polyethylene (PE) water pipe widely used industrial and water piping systems

Flexible polyethylene (PE) water pipe widely used industrial and water piping systems
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Detail: Flexible polyethylene (PE) water pipe widely used industrial and water piping systems


Our special licensing for water supply polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings imported and domestic raw materials to produce high-quality PE100 grade, specification, size and performance in line with GB / T 13663-2000, GB / T 13663.2-2005 standard requirements, Health and performance in line with GB / T 17219 standard and the Ministry of Health Health and safety evaluation of associated regulations, with flexibility, high corrosion resistance, light weight, good impact resistance and other characteristics. Pipe, tube socket connection can be hot-melt, such as Butt and fused connection, so that pipe, tube fused into one, safe and reliable system, construction of low cost, rapid development in engineering applications. Promote PE pipe, in line with the Ministry of Construction, the State Economic and Trade Commission guidelines for the development of chemical building materials, in line with the development of improved living standards people need, especially in rural drinking water safety project has been widely used.


1. Long life. Under normal conditions, at least 50 years of life.

2. Health is good. PE pipe non-toxic, no heavy metal additives, no scaling, no bacteria, a good solution to the problem of secondary pollution of drinking water. Consistent with GB / T 17219 standard requirements and safety evaluation of the Ministry of Health-related health safety assessment requirements.

3. Can be resistant to the corrosion of many chemical media; no electrochemical corrosion.

4. Wall smooth, low friction coefficient, a corresponding increase in media capacity and excellent wear resistance.

5. Flexibility, impact resistance, high strength, resistance to earthquakes, and twisted.

6. Light weight, transport, easy to install.

7.'s Unique fused connection and Butt, hot melt technology to make the interface socket connection pipe body strength than to ensure the safe and reliable interface.

8. Welding process is simple and convenient construction, engineering and lower total cost. dn 63, the use of hot melt or fused connection socket connection; dn 75, the appropriate use Butt or fused connection; with metal pipes and pipe accessories connection or transition can be flanged pipe connections and other methods.


Municipal water supply systems, rural drinking water safety, building water supply systems, and residential area, the plant underground water supply systems, industrial and water piping systems