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R404a Environment friendly mixed 24LBS Refrigerant Gas R404A alternative refrigerant

R404a Environment friendly mixed   24LBS Refrigerant Gas R404A  alternative refrigerant
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Detail: R404a Environment friendly mixed 24LBS Refrigerant Gas R404A alternative refrigerant


- - - -
Physicalproperties |
Molecularformula | | |
Mmolecularweight | 97.60 | |
Boilingpoint101.3KPa() | -46.60 | |
Freezingpoint101.3KPa() | | |
Density30(kg/m3) | 1017.20 | |
Criticaltemperature() | 72.10 | |
Criticalpressure(MPa) | 3.74 | |
ODP | 0.00 | |
GWP | 3800.00 | |
- - - -

- - - -
Qualityindex |
Purity | 99.8% |
Watercontent | 0.001% |
Acidity | 0.00001% |
Evaporationresidue | 0.01% |
Chloridecontent | 0.0001% |
Appearance | Colorlessandclear |
Odor | Odorless |
- - - -


A long-term non-ozone depleting replacement for R-502 and R-22 in low- and medium-temperature commerical refrigeration systems.

R404A is made up of the components HFC-125,HFC-143a and HFC-134a.The stability of R404A can be characterized based on the stability of its refrigerant components,in this case,by the known stability of R134a.

Retrofit:R-404A can be used to retrofit many existing R-502 systems. The physical and thermodynamic properties of the blend cause it to behave much like R-502 when used as a retrofit but it is not intended to be a direct drop-in for R-502 systems. Due to higher operating pressures associated with the use of R-404A as opposed to R-502, OEM product specific retrofit recommendations should be consulted for any and all pressure relief modifications and/or requirements.


R-404A is formulated to closely match the properties of R-502, making it useful for a variety of medium and low temperature refrigeration applications. R-404A has been approved by many refrigeration compressor and system manufacturers for use in new refrigeration equipment such as food display and storage cases, cold storage rooms, ice machines, transportation, and process refrigeration.





4.Certificationsof SGS/ROSH/PONY/ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO1694