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Cereal Snacks
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A cereal bar is generally a snack bar that is made up of some kind of compressed cereal held together with some type of edible adhesive such as sugar paste or marshmallow. You may also hear a cereal bar called a "breakfast bar", in a reference to the fact that many people eat cereal bars in lieu of breakfast, although this food can technically be eaten at any time.

Assembling a full breakfast may be a challenge for someone with a tight schedule, and many people believe that breakfast is an important meal, so cereal bars fill the need. The idea behind them is that they provide a quick snack or breakfast for someone who is on the go. Someone can also snack on it in the middle of the day, with some people carrying them so that they can keep their blood sugar under control. A cereal bar before a workout can provide more energy, and likewise with it consumed at a low point in the work day.

In order to qualify as a healthy alternative to sitting down and eating breakfast these cereal or snack bars cannot be loaded with sugar. Dietitians from Good Housekeeping say that the sugar level should be less than 5 grams, though a bar can still be considered a healthy alternative with as many as 15 grams of sugar as long as that is the maximum count. There also needs to be a consideration that if the cereal or snack bar has real fruit included, the sugar content can be slightly higher and still be healthy.

In addition to the key cereal ingredient, usually have some sort of syrup which acts like a glue to pull the grain together so that it stays in a bar shape. The most common choice of syrup is a sugar syrup, although other glue-like mixtures can be used as well. Ingredients like fruit, nuts, candy, and so forth may also be added to a cereal bar to enhance the flavor and taste, and some are dipped in yogurt or candy coatings.

While these cereal bars may be tasty, they do not confer very much nutrition, and they may not provide the same benefits as a healthier version. The nutritional value of them varies considerably. Many companies make versions which are heavily sweetened, with a low fiber content and few vitamins or minerals. Especially when they are being eaten as a meal replacement, it is important to seek out a cereal bar which provides some basic nutrition, rather than the one which is basically a sweet treat in wolf's clothing.

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