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Flow Divider Combiner Directional Hydraulic Valve FJL-L20H-LB

Flow Divider Combiner Directional Hydraulic Valve FJL-L20H-LB
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Product Description

Detail: Flow Divider Combiner Directional Hydraulic Valve FJL-L20H-LB

1 structure

Broadly similar to the proportion of multi-valve structure and the structure of the traditional multi-valve, just to retain the manual operation, while at the other end to increase the proportional solenoid (or hydraulic proportional drive module or pneumatic proportional drive module), and integration of threaded cartridge valves. The proportion of multi-channel valve pressure up to 42MPa, the maximum flow rate of up to 350L/min. Body made of steel or cast iron, steel affordability, but the channel is made for machining, it is the flow capacity. Is cast iron castings flow definitely out. An, so the flow capacity, but low pressure capacity. By the proportion of multi-valve to 12 valve block combination with a load of sensitive technology, so that the output flow of the valve without load, and maintain a good proportion of features, match the output of the pump flow and system pressure. The proportion of multi-directional control valve can be divided into the pump side of the valve block, the basic valve block, drive the valve block, side board, remote control units, electronic accessories, Part 6.

2 applications

Used in construction machinery (such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, scrapers, paving machines, motor graders, truck cranes, crane, crawler crane, etc.) greatly enhance the performance of construction machinery, operating comfort get greatly improved, and through the computer, networking and other means of construction machinery to achieve manipulation