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A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd.

A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of electric motors and soft starters for the global industrial market. Brands of motors we supply: ABB motor, Toshiba motor, Mabuchi motor, Johnson motor, Siemens motor ...

A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd.
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Marathon Motor

Marathon Motor
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Marathon Motor
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A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd., as a global supplier of electric motors and motor soft starters, we supply Marathon motors including following models:

Marathon Electric Motor 056B17W15329, 056B17W15330, 056B17W15331, 056C17W15326, 056C17W15327,
Marathon Electric Motor 056C17W15328, 056C17W15332, 056C17W15333, 056C17W15334, 056C34W15301,
Marathon Electric Motor 056C34W15302, 056C34W15303, 056C34W15304, 056C17G15530,

Marathon motor 3N471RBC, 3N472RBC

Marathon motor 5KC33FN4180X, 5KC33MN2502BX, 5KC33MN2889X, 5KC33MN2555BX,
Marathon motor 5KC35GNA488, 5KC35JNA489, 5KC35JNA887Y, 5KC36LN166GX, 5KC36LN144GX, 5KC36LN84GX,
Marathon motor 5KC36MN2508BX, 5KC36GN2507BX, 5KC36JN269GX, 5KC37FN65HX,
Marathon motor 6K287RBC

Marathon AC Motor
Marathon DC Motor

All brands of motors we supply: Kawasaki motor, Mabuchi motor, Omron motor, Brook Crompton Motor, GE motor, Pittman motor, Shin Myung motor, Western motor, Johnson motor, Schneider motor, Baldor motor, Nidec motor, SEW motor, Hitachi motor, Emotron motor, Teco motor, YASKAWA motor,CHYUN TSEH Motor, Simens motor, Sanyo motor, MAXSINE motor, Panasonic motor, Emerson motor, ABB motor and so on.

A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd.

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