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??Anhui Safe Technology Co.,Ltd.

Anhui Safe Electronics Co.,Ltd. ,founded in 2007,is a joint-venture by Green Group(UK)investment. Our company has specialized in metalized film for capacitor use and metalized film capacitor.The company main products: th ...

??Anhui Safe Technology Co.,Ltd.
??No.1771 Qifeng Road, Shizishan Economy Developme
Tongling, AN


Product Categories

capacitor ac

capacitor ac
USD 0.56 - 4.00

Product Description

Model CBB65 CBB60 CBB61
Material Metallized polypropylene Metallized polypropylene Metallized polypropylene
Filling Oil Oil/ Resion Resion
Can Aluminum Plastic/Aluminum Plastic
Capacitance range 3~120uF 4~30uF 1~16uF
Voltage range 200~630VAC 200~630VAC 200~630VAC
Security level P1/P2 P0 P0
Operating temperature -40~+70/+85 -40~+70/+85 -40~+70+85
Why choose Anhui safe company ?
1.)As a national high-tech enterprise,we have 22 years exprience in capacitor industry,25 industry patents and a number of invention patents.
2.)To ensure the product quality and consistency,we have obtained the ISO 9001 quality system certificate and CQC product certificate.
3.)We have modern factories and purification plant,the world first-class production equipment and the technical team consisted of a number of experts