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Caustic soda
Item Index Index Appearance Flakes/Solid Pearls NaOH (%min) 96 98 99 96 99 Na2CO3 (%max) 1.0 0.9 0.8 1.0 0.8 NaCl (%max) 3.2 0.05 0.05 3.2 0.05 Fe3O3 ...
Min Order:24 Ton
FOB Price:US $600.00-680.00
Alumina, ATH, Aluminium hydroxide, flame retardant, artifical marble, toothpaste abradant, flame retardant, Artificial Onyx Filler, surface coated ATH ...
refrigerant R410A
Min Order:50 Piece(s)
Product Category:  Blend refrigerant Product Name : R410A a blend refrigerant of HFC-32 and HFC-125. It is substitute for R22, mainly used in air con ...
Potassium Hydroxide
Synonyms Potassium hydroxide;Caustic potash CAS NO 1310-58-3 EINECS 215-181-3 Molecular Formula KOH Molecular weight 56.11 HS code 2815200000 Specific ...
Caustic Soda
Min Order:23 Ton
Caustic Soda CAS NO: 1310-73-2 Molecular Formula: NaOH Molecular Weight: 40 EINECS NO.: 215-185-5 UN NO: 1823 DG Class: 82001 Term 1. Caustic soda fla ...
Lithium Perchlorate 99.9%& 99.99%
LITHIUM PERCHLORATE CAS: 7791-03-9 Formula: LiClO4 Appearance: White, crystalline Formula weight: 106.39 Specific gravity: 2.428g/cm3 Bulk density: 1. ...
Caustic Soda Pearls
Caustic Soda Pearls 1, Caustic Soda 2, CAS No.: 1310-73-2 3, HS Code: 28151100 4, Type: Caustic Soda 99%min, 96%min Properties: Colorless crystaline w ...
Caustic Soda
The use of sodium hydroxide and alkaline desiccant, paper, aluminum smelting, refining tungsten, rayon and soap manufacturing. In addition, in the pro ...
Caustic Soda Flakes
Min Order:25 Ton
Uses: It is the main raw materials for the production of soap; In the papermaking industry ,it can dissolve the impurity of the wood pulp , so that th ...
caustic soda pearls
Min Order:20 Metric Ton
We are the largest manufacturer in China for caustic soda pearls with 80, 000.00mt annual output, it is 99%min purity, pure-white appearance and fine ...
caustic soda
Min Order:1000 Bag(s)
FOB Price:US $290.00-380.00
Caustic Soda Flake CAS No.: 1310-73-2 UN NO.: 1823 DG class: 82001 EINECS NO.: 215-185-5 Appearance: White flakes with strong alkalinity, hygroscopic ...
Caustic Soda Flakes
Min Order:1 Ton
FOB Price:US $180.00-230.00
Specifications: Name: Caustic Soda CAS No.: 1310-73-2 Other Names: sodium hydroxide MF: NaOH EINECS No.: Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Grade Stand ...
sodium bicarbonate
Min Order:50 Ton
FOB Price:US $160.00-200.00
Sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate is the chemical compound with the formula NaHCO3. Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystall ...
caustic soda
1. Product: Caustic Soda Flake 2. Molecular Formula: NaOH 3. Producing Process: Diaphragm Process&Ion-membrane Process 4. Appearance: White flakes wit ...
caustic soda pearls
Min Order:20 Metric Ton
Items Specification Flakes/Solid Pearls NaOH (%min) 96 98 99 96 99 Na2CO3 (%max) 1.0 0.9 0.8 1.0 0.8 NaCl (%max) 3.2 0.05 0.05 3.2 0.05 Fe2O3 (%max) 0 ...
Caustic soda flakes
Min Order:20 Metric Ton
Caustic soda flakes 96% 99% Direct manufacture Pure white Caustic soda flake, Caustic soda prill, caustic soda pearls Sodium Hydroxide Formula: NaOH E ...
Crude Beeswax
Impurity: <2% Hydrocarbon: 16-18 Melting poniting: 62-67degree Density(20degree): 0.954-0.964 Acid value(KOH mg/g): 5.0-8.0 16.0-23 Iodine: 8.0-13.0 S ...
Caustic Soda Pearls
Min Order:1 Metric Ton
Molecular Formular: NaOH Specification: NaOH 96% Min. Na2CO3 1.3%Max. NaCl 2.7% Max. Fe2O3 0.008% Max. METHOD GB209-93 Item RESULT NaOH 99.1% Na2CO3 0 ...
soda ash
Beijing Qian Long Bang Da Chemical Co. Ltd., which is one of the largest chemical manufacturers in producing inorganic salt, organic salt, pigment, dy ...
Caustic Soda Flakes
Min Order:25 Metric Ton
Product Name: Caustic Soda Flakes Assay : 99% CAS No.: 1310-73-2 Grade: Technical UN No.: 1823 Chemical Formula: NaOH Molecular Weight: 40.0

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