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can supply you good quality rough/polish diamonds at a good price, the clarity of the stones are VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, color D, E, F, G, H, I, sizes are from 3-18cts, shapes for the polish diamonds are round brilliant cu ...
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quality assurance yellow rough diamonds

quality assurance yellow rough diamonds
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Product Description

1.good shock resistance and thermal stability
2.nearly no impurities
3.high quality man-made diamond for jewelry

1.Large size synthetic diamond(for jewellery or cutting jewellery):

1.0mm 1.2mm 1.4mm 1.6mm 1.8mm 2.0mm

2.2mm 2.4mm 2.6mm 2.8mm 3.0mm

2.Mono plate diamond:

2.5mm*2.5mm*1.1mm 3.0mm*3.0mm*1.1mm 3.5mm*3.5mm*1.1mm

4.0mm*4.0mm*1.1mm 4.5mm*4.5mm*1.1mm 5.0mm*5.0mm*1.1mm

3. RVD diamond crushing material:

100/120 230/270

120/140 270/320

140/170 325/400
170/200 400/500

200/230 500/600

Diamond micro powder:

For polishing: 0-0.5,0-1,0.5-1,0.5-1.5,0-2, 1-2,1-3,2-4,2.5-5,3-6
For Lapping ; 4-8, 5-10,6-12,8-16,10-20
For Grinding : 12-22, 20-30,22-36, 36-54

5.Other sizes:

16/18(D1180),18/20 (D1001),20/25 (D851),25/30 (D711),30/35 (D601),35/40 (D501)
40/45 (D425), 45/50 (D356), 50/60 (D301), 60/70 (D251),70/80 (D213), 80/100 (D181)
100/120 (D151),120/140 (D126),140/170 (D107),170/200 (D91),200/230 (D76)
230/270 (D64),270/325 (D54), 325/400 (D46)