Crop Stalks Pellet Machine/Straw Pellet Mill/Flat Die Straw Pellet Mill

Crop Stalks Pellet Machine/Straw Pellet Mill/Flat Die Straw Pellet Mill
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Crop Stalks Pellet Machine, Straw Pellet Mill, Flat Die Straw Pellet Mill
As the high speed development of economy and industry, the applying of renewable energy, energy saving and emission-reduction become a hot topic for people. At the same time, straw pellet fuel which produced by straw pellet mill has the feature of lower cost, widely applying scope, low pollution and environmental efficiency. The machine adopts to our countries situation and has broad development prospect.

Crop Stalks Pellet Machine
Compared with original straw materials, after pelletizing, the calorific value is greatly improved, about 18-19 MJ/kg and the ash content is reduced to about 3%. What’s more, straw pellets are carbon-neutral and while burning, they just return the CO2 absorbed during their growth. Which means the burning of straw pellets does not generate extra CO2 pollution.

Great Significance
Straw pellet fuel save 20-26% coal in total and reduces over 65% of sulphur content comparing with the coal fuel. According to the present annual industrial coal consumption, it saved 6400-7200, 00000 ton coal per year and reduced 360, 0000 ton sulphur content. The high efficiency and function of low cost straw energy can be compared with coal, which not only create a good condition for the promotion and popularization of straw pellet mill, but also promote the research and develop of straw energy strongly.

As the promotion and development of straw energy and equipment, it has the best way for transmit the straw and other combustible biomass plant. The relative data of the National energy Network has proved that the annual agro production wastes is up to 6-8 billion ton, which can either be garbage or burned on the spot. It not only pollutes the environment but also saved about 8 billion ton coal. It is imperative to increase the conversion of straw with high quality.

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