Crusher grid plates provided for mining machines

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Grid Plates (also known as locator plates, tooling plates)--customizable grid patterned locator system. Red Star grid plate is manufactured with advanced techniques and excellent wear resistance materials. Our company offers various grid plates according to the certain requirements of our customers.
Grid Plate Features
1. Optimized design.
2. advanced technology.
3. good wear-resistance.
4. excellent performance.
Grid Plate Supplier
Crushed aggregate is a combination of stone, gravel, sand, and slag, used in the construction of homes, infrastructure, businesses, and roads. Crushed aggregate is made from natural raw materials and making it involves the use of several heavy machines. Once the process is finished, the result is crushed aggregate, a material the construction industry can't do without.
The Jaw Crusher Large rocks are mined from gravel pits or quarries and transported to the surface, where they are usually placed in dump trucks. Once on top, the rocks are sifted for smaller pieces and debris with the aid of a powerful vibrating conveyor belt. The conveyor belt transports the materials to the jaw crusher, which is really the first step in aggregate crushing. The jaw crusher is made of two plates, rather like a human mouth. It crushes the rock between the two plates and then "swallows" it, pouring it out onto another conveyor belt, which takes it to an impact crusher. The Impact Crusher An impact crusher flings the rocks against hard plates, causing them to split and break into much smaller pieces. They're then put on a vibrating screen, which acts as a large filter through which the crushed aggregate is sorted by size. The finer the aggregate needed, the more it gets filtered; this allows quarries to sell different types of crushed aggregate to customers, based on the project at hand. Dump Trucks Crushed aggregate is then transported to the work site by dump trucks. Most crushed aggregate is produced within forty miles of where

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