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Thousands and thousands of individuals across America and Canada are the proud owners of their own businesses. Almost as North American as the idea of, “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps,” is the sentiment, “buy low, sell high.” It is basic economics, yet the driver behind many sources of income. Businesses have been buying wholesale and then retailing it for profit since the dawn of time. Everyone from the Wal-Mart in a large metropolitan city to the Mom and Pop country store off a side road in Kentucky does it. However, little thought is usually put into how the items they are selling actually ended up on the store shelves.

A method many businesses employ is to receive their merchandise is through liquidations. Liquidations have always conjured up images of stores closing and “everything must go” signs splattered aggressively across storefronts. It seemed as if the bolder the type font and the more fluorescent the color, the more successful they would be at luring customers to come in and buy an item at 75% off its original retail price. Liquidations always equaled going out of business. Going out of business is negative, therefore so are liquidations. But, liquidations are actually a reason many companies are in business. And not just in business, but thriving at that.

Traditional logistics sees a product through the manufacturing and distribution process, until it ends up in the purchaser’s hands. But, things do not always go according to plan. There are many factors that lead things off the traditional path. There are products that are liquidated due to overstocking. Or, because maybe they were not the right purchase at that time for that specific retailer. That is when reverse logistics come into play. Because, there is always a market for a given product. This one item could be the right purchase for your company and now through a liquidator, a pallet or truckload is available at a deeper discount than ever available before. In this case it is a matter of finding a wholesale supplier who has the best access to liquidations in the industry.

There are upwards of thousands of companies that sell wholesale merchandise by the pallet and truckload from various vendors. is one of the few who has the luxury of saying their work is twofold. They not only have access to vendors that are power players in the supply chain, but they also are able to source product directly from name brands and retailers. They are a closeout buyer of large proportions and are able to pass off the benefits of their prime positioning in the industry to you. In fact, they are one of a few wholesale suppliers in the United States that have the ability to do so.

Are you a buyer for your own business? Or perhaps a buyer of a larger retail conglomerate? Direct Liquidation can help you if you are looking for a new vendor and your business falls under any of the below categories. If so, you can begin placing POs right this second:

  • Online Sellers (Ebay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Exporters & Wholesalers
  • Distributors Off Price or Discount Retailers
  • Flea Marketers makes it easy to create a partnership whether your business has been sourcing pallets and truckloads for the better part of the last decade or if you are starting fresh. A major resource they offer is the opportunity to work with one of their business development managers to help you customize a pallet or truckload with product most valuable to your customers. Through this they have made their name in the B2B world.

Another way they have become a front-runner of B2B is through their online marketplace. Direct Liquidation stresses the benefit of online liquidation auctions. They explain,

“While you can find liquidation sales in the physical world, online liquidation auctions are the better bet. They’re much faster, often concluding within a few days, and there’s no need to deal with the hassle of fighting crowds, or driving to a distant location just to find out that there was nothing that suited your needs. There’s also the ability to buy the lot immediately for a set price, rather than go through the bidding process.”

They have the confidence in their process and that it provides you with great savings, but also convenience and ease of use. Through their contracts with big-brand retailers and manufacturers you will find products that your customers know and love. Since they liquidate in large bulk quantities, they are able to ensure savings to you and your business. Their online auction marketplace allows access to:

  • Search listings
  • Online auctions
  • Bid monitoring
  • Easy check out and payment
  • Customer returns

Direct Liquidation prides itself on having a large variety of product that is virtually ready to hit the shelves once it lands in your hands. They have daily availability in stock so your shelves never go barren and supply small orders that allow you to test how well the items perform with your customers.

With Direct Liquidation, you are not only promised quality, but also convenience. With 6 locations placed in the US and Canada, your business will quickly receive shipments to its stores or headquarters. In addition, all refurbished products come with a 90-day warranty. The refurbishment process is done in-house and inspected with manufacturer standards to ensure all working parts. This furthers the Direct Liquidation promise of selling product that is retail-ready once it has been received.

Get started online today or call for more information at 1-800-679-9451.

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