F420 Polyaspartic Polyurea Resin

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F420 Polyaspartic Polyurea Resin
Equals to Bayer Desmophen NH1420--Unique manufacturer in China
Mail: export@feiyang.com.cn www.polyaspartic-polyurea.com

Product name: F420 Amine-Functional Aspartic Ester Resin
? Chemical formula and molecular weight
? Chemical Name: Aspartic Acid, N,N'-(methylenedi-4,1-cyclohexanediyl)bis-,1,1',4,4'-tetraethyl ester
? ELINCS No.: 429-270-1
? CAS No.: 136210-30-5
? REACH registerred
? Properties and application
?F420 is a solvent free amine-functional resin.. It is a aspartic ester polymer as reactive partner forpolyisocyanates. It’s the same model as NH1420, formulate high-solids, two-component polyurethane topcoats and solvent-free coating materials.
? It can serve as chain extender or R component in polyurea coating. It can also react with –NCO functional HDI trimmer from which a longer gelling time and excellent yellow resistance can be achieved. Longer gelling time can also be obtained when reacted with MDI pre-polymer. Hybrid of polyurea and polyurethane can be achieved when F420 is blended with hydroxyl-functional resin e.g acrylic, alkyd. This can offer high solid content and faster dry time than ordinary polyurethane. It is widely used in protective /floor / elastic/weather resistant coating, waterproof, etc.
? Main Feature
1. High solid content with low viscosity
2. Faster curing time in aliphatic system
3.Offering excellent physical properties like high hardness, flexibility, elongation(400%), tear and tensile strength(25MPa).
4. Great weather and saline water resistance
5. Cost efficiency
?Quality standard
Item Specifications
Molecular Weight 554
Appearance Slight yellow transparent liquid
Solid Content 97%±2%
Amine value(mg KOH/g) 199-203
Amine Equivalent?g/mol? 277
Hydroxyl value Equivalent 6.13-6.14
Viscosity mpa.s/25? 1000-1500
Relative density(25?) 1.06±0.02
Flash Point(/?) 145
Polyaspartic Materials and Specialty Chemicals Reliable Supplier
www.feiyang.com.cn www.ethylene-glycol-d

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