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Signs of online scams

Scammers trap you by offering a seemingly good deal but run away with your money, and sometimes, even important personal details that they use to commit identity theft or put your financial at risk. Here are some signs that the person you are dealing with is a scammer.

  1. Be wary of friendly emails. While email clients like Google do a great job of filtering spam, spam emails might still get through their filters. If an unknown person sends you an email that seem ‘too friendly’, your guard better be up. Emails that start with something like ‘Dear friend’ or ‘Hello my friend’ cannot be fully trusted especially ones that ask you to click links or direct you to websites that ask for personal information.
  2. Heavy marketing. Hard-sell marketing is another tell-tale sign of a scam. With headlines like ‘Earn $2000 a week’ complete with exclamation points, these scammers want to grab your attention and excite you with promises that are always too good to be true. Good deals are always tempting but they could be worth so much more than you bargained for. It is best to deal with a reputable supplier from the onset.
  3. Supplier won’t agree to escrow payment method. Use a payment provider that works to your advantage. From time to time, you might be lured into ‘hot deals’ that offer goods at amazingly low prices. These are not uncommon especially for closeout merchandise and promo goods, but unless you are dealing with a supplier of good reputation, insist on using PayPal, Skrill, or escrow payment systems to protect yourself. If the supplier will not agree to it, then they are probably not worth the trouble. Pay only with wire transfer if you have proven that a supplier is trustworthy.
  4. Fictitious contact details or no contact details at all. One warning sign that a supplier is a scammer is the lack of contact details on their company profile or website. Sometimes, there might even be fictitious addresses and telephone numbers. The best way to verify that a wholesale supplier is not a fraud is by calling the company or visiting their office. Legit companies will ask for your business ID or tax number and will not act suspicious if you ask them for product samples. They would also be professional in all aspects of communication and practice good business etiquette.

No online presence. Suppliers sincere in doing business use professional and legitimate means to promote their services and find good buyers. It is easy to trust a company with an active social media profile where you can read updates and customer feedback real time. Find a supplier from trusted sites like and, where you can find businesses that have been verified by a third party.

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