How to Cool Spindle of Ball Grinding Mill Efficiently

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Mining equipment main bearing the phenomenon of fever is our most don't want to see, in the actual production operation, equipment operation, and the friction heat production, bearing temperature is inevitable, therefore, the bearing cooling is very important. This article interviewed experts hongxing machine completely in mines, and see what is his opinion of ball mill grinder spindle heat up?

Ball mill in the process of operation, the equipment running constantly friction heat, cylinder body heat material and heat constantly to main bearing of thermal conductivity; At the same time, the friction between shaft and bushing neck also produces friction heat, can cause temperature rise of main bearing of ball mill. Typically, bearing bush of main bearing can bear the highest temperature, or critical temperature is 70 ?, bearing temperature once more than the critical temperature, and there is no heat in time, will not only cause serious lubrication system function damage, serious and even cause tile burning phenomenon, affect the normal operation of equipment. Faced with the question of the rising of the temperature of the ball mill, in daily production operation requires the operator to cooling the main bearing of ball grinding mill, avoiding equipment bearing high temperature damage to equipment. Bearing the better cooling effect, the higher the working efficiency of the equipment, its service life is longer.

We often use in the actual production of cooling method has two kinds: one is directly to the introduction of the water bearing shell inside;The second is the use of circulating cooling water system.For the second method must be required in the ball mill spherical eaves tiles have cast hole, the water can be coiled pipe flows, for ball grinding mill spindle cooling.Add cooling system can be avoided to ball mill equipment of various faults, make the operation of the equipment to good production. Ball mill grinder is an indispensable equipment in the m

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