How to Deal with Impact Crusher So Much Powder Problem?

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The impact crusher was in the process of operation will encounter a problem, the rotor spinning quickly, drum air volume is larger, the amount of stone will change, the result of the spill is stone, pollution is very large. The impactcrusher was mainly used in the engine room the rotation of the rotor, driving the hammer rotate to blow the collision finally broken stone, stone in the rotor under the role of collide each other, form a huge stone vortex, increase between material collision, leading to a stone off work environment pollution caused by the very serious.Impact crusher working when there will be many situations lead powder flying, in addition to the rotation of the rotor with a large air flow, so that the stone powder fly out, there is a broken materials mainly through the crushing cavity through a multi-stage crushing grinding to finish, the material being broken fineness is smaller, in the operation process of the powder particle easy to fly to the outside. In addition, the way it works primarily by beating crusher completed, will increase the amount of dust, and the counterattack plate impact would be worn long time, what is more, back panel will appear fall situation, which will cause the counterattack type crushing machine sealing property greatly decreased, increased dust pollution.In order to solve the problem of impact crusher working stone powder in the problem of large quantities, we think a lot of solutions, such as club equipped with additional dust removal equipment, can also add a closed cover to prevent dust flying . The user when in use, can also be materials into the crusher feed port prior to add a small amount of water will be material or directly coupled with the wet dust humidifier with work. These measures can solve the counter-attack type break.At the present, Fote Heavy Machinery has

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