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Jas Musical Instruments

Since our establishment we have adhered to the principle of "Superior quality, excellent service and good after-sales, We are building and developing our business based on the strong foundation of high quality and good c ...

Jas Musical Instruments
120 The Broadway
Southall, SXW
United Kingdom

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Soundcraft MH4 TourPack - 48ch Console w/Spectum Sound Road Case----7500Euro

Soundcraft MH4 TourPack - 48ch Console w/Spectum Sound Road Case----7500Euro
EUR 7499.00 - 7500.00
Origin Country:
United Kingdom
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PSC Solice 8 Channel Audio Mixer----4500Euro
Allen & Heath GLD-112 28 Fader Digital Mixer----3000Euro
Soundcraft / Spirit Si Performer 3 Digital Live Console----3000Euro
Soundcraft Si Performer 1 16-Channel Digital Live Console---1800Euro
Allen & Heath GS-R24M 32 Channel Recording Console----4500Euro
Soundcraft Si Compact 16 Digital Live Sound Console----2500Euro
TASCAM DM-4800 48-Channel Digital Mixer----1800Euro
Soundcraft MH2 40 Channel Console----6500Euro
Trident Audio Series 88-16----9000Euro
Trident Series 88 24-Channel Console----13000Euro
Midas PRO2C - Control Surface Only Pro Series PRO2CCC-IP Mixer----5000Euro
Roland M-480 V-Mixer----3500Euro
Allen & Heath GL2800 8 Buss 32 Input Live Sound Console----2000Euro
Pioneer SVM-1000 4-Channel Audio and Video Mixer----3000Euro
Yamaha 02R96VCM Digital Recording console----4500Euro
Soundcraft VI1 Control Surface----7500Euro
Roland M48-PM8 Personal Mixing----4500Euro
Allen & Heath GS-R24 24 Channel Studio Recording Mixer----4000Euro
Soundcraft MH2 32 Channel Console-----5500Euro
Yamaha PM5D----4500Euro
Roland M48-PM8 Personal Mixing for Eight (MADI System)----4500Euro
Soundcraft Si Compact 24 Channel Digital Mixer----3000Euro
Allen & Heath GL2800-32 Mixer----2000Euro
Yamaha M7CL-48ES----11000Euro
Allen & Heath GL2800M-832 32-Input 8-Bus Live Sound Console----3000Euro
Allen & Heath GLD-112 Compact Digital Mixing Surface----3000Euro
PRO2C-IP - Midas PRO2C : Digital Mixing Console----6000Euro
Yamaha CL3 : Digital Mixing Console----11000Euro
Yamaha LS9-16:32x8 Digital 48kHz Mixing Console---3000Euro
Audio M4 Tube Tracker 16 Channel Console---3000Euro
Yamaha CL3 : Digital Mixing Console---11000Euro
Yamaha LS9-16:32x8 Digital 48kHz Mixing Console---3000Euro
Matrix 2 Console with Patchbay & Cabling Package---12000Euro
Midas Pro2 Live Audio Mixing System with 64 Input Channels---7500Euro
Midas PRO3 Live Audio Mixing System---7600Euro
Midas PRO9 Live Audio Mixing System Touring Package---11000Euro
Yamaha TF-5 32 Channel Digital Mixer IN Stock---7000Euro
Midas Pro6 Live Audio Mixing System with 64 Input Channels--10000Euro
Yellowtec USA YT2000 Intellimix Digital Desktop Audio Mixer---1900Euro
Allen & Heath GS-R24M [B-STOCK MODEL] 32-Channel Recording---3500Euro
Rupert Neve Designs 5088 16 Channel Mixing Console--------15000Euro
Solid State Logic Matrix-Mixing Console-------9000Euro
Toft Audio ATB32 32 Channel Mixing Console------3500Euro
Yamaha QL1 : 48kHz Digital Mixing Console------4000Euro
Toft Audio Designs ATB-16A Analog Mixing Console------2500Euro
Crest Audio HP856 56 Channel Live Sound Mixing console----3500Euro
Avid VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing Console with Two Power Supplies--------1400Euro
Avid VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing Console with Two Power Supplies
Midas Verona V/480/8/TP Analogue Mixing Console----4500Euro
Crest HP-Eight 56 Frame 56-Channel Live Sound Mixing Console-------3500Euro
Midas M32 40 Channel Live / Studio Digital Mixer Console----2000Euro
APB Dynasonics ProDesk-4 32 Input FOH Mixing Console-------4000Euro
Yamaha LS9-32:64x8 Digital 48kHz Mixing Console-------6000Euro
Yamaha M7CL-32 Model M7CL Digital Mixing Console-----9500Euro
Crest Audio HP832 32 Channel Live Sound Mixing console-------2500Euro
Toft Audio ATB24 | 24 Channel Mixing Console------3000Euro
Midas M32 - 32-Channel Digital Console----------2200Euro
Crest HP-Eight 48 Frame 48-Channel Live Sound Mixing Console-------3000Euro
Crest Audio HP824 24 Channel Live Sound Mixing console, 24 Mono-------2000Euro
Avid VENUE D-Show Expandable Digital Mixing Console-------11000Euro
Allen & Heath GL3800 8 Buss 24 Input Live Mixing Console-------2500Euro
API The Box Console (The Box Project Console) Mixer---------7000Euro
Yamaha M7CL-48MBM7CL 48-Channel Digital Mixing Console------6000Euro
Allen and Heath iLive-T112 28 Fader Mixing Surface------------4500Euro
Radio Systems RS-12D5P 12 Channel Ditigal Console----------4000Euro
Midas PRO2/CC/TP Control Centre Surface Digital Audio Mixing System----------8000Euro
Toft Audio ATB32 32-CH Trident Series Console Mixer ATB 32A---------3500Euro
APB Dynasonics ProDesk-4 24 Input FOH Mixing Console--------3500Euro
Allen & Heath GL2800-840 (8 Buss 40 Input Live Console) Mixer-------2500Euro
Yamaha QL5 : 48kHz Digital Mixing Console-------8000Euro
Soundcraft / Spirit Si Performer 3 Digital Live Console-------3000Euro
Crest HP-Eight 32 Frame 32-Channel Live Sound Mixing Console-------2500Euro
Toft Audio ATB24 24 Channel Mixing Console-------3000Euro
Beautiful Classic Neve 8232 32x24 console with 8 aux-------4000Euro
Trident Series 88 32-Channel Console------17000Euro
Dynamax Consoles MX10E Broadcast Mixer 10 Ch -------2500Euro
Allen and Heath GLD80 20 Fader Digital Live Console-------2000Euro
Yamaha CL-5 Digital Mixing Console-------13000Euro
PRO2C-IP - Midas PRO2C : Digital Mixing Console----------6000Euro
Yamaha M7CL-48-Channel Digital Mixing Console---------