Knowledge of the Crushing Mechanism of Energy-saving Rod Mill

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How much do you have a knowledge of the crushing mechanism of energy-saving rod mill? Energy-saving rod mill grinding materials role is mainly the impact of steel ball on the material. The movement of the steel ball form is different at the different speeds of energy-saving rod mill.1.When the rotational speed of energy-saving rod mill is low, due to the ball is not subject to the centrifugal force, by the frictional force with the cylinder wall, with the energy -rod mill into the cylinder up to the vertical angle of 40 ° ~ 50 , the steel ball scroll down, producing grinding to the material, this time energy -saving rod mill work as grinding way, called diarrhea fall-motion state.2.If energy - saving rod mill has high speed, a steel ball attached to wall after rising to a certain height, left wall along a parabolic trajectory in free fall down, make the material impact on function and crushing and grinding, this is falling motion state.3.When energy-saving rod mill speed further improved, the steel ball under the action of centrifugal force, stick on wall with rotary. There will be no relative motion between wall and steel ball, no crushing effect for the material, then known as the "centrifugal status". In the state of centrifugal, rod mill barrel at the lowest speed generally referred to as the critical speed. Usually, the normal work of the energy -saving rod mill speed should be lower than the critical speed. Our company has the quite rich experience and solid strength in the independent design and manufacture cement production line, iron power production line, ceramsite sand production line and pellet production line,etc.And it has through the strict internation

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