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optical spherical ball lens/sphere lens
Min Order:100 Piece(s)
FOB Price:US $0.10-16.00
Spherical Ball Lenses are commonly used for laser collimating and focusing, laser-to-fiber coupling, fiber-to-fiber coupling, and fiber-to-detector co ...
mirrors, optical mirrors, cylindrical mirrors
Mirrors According to custom design to manufacture spherical mirrors, cylindrical mirrors, mirrors, Co2 laser mirrors, etc. Material: flint glass, UV f ...
Optical BK7 Glass Meniscus cylindrical lens
Min Order:10 Piece(s)
FOB Price:US $1.00-20.00
Specification of our optical meniscus spherical lens as follow: *Material BK7, CaF2 crystal, MgF2, Ge, BaF2 lens, ZnSe or other optical materials *Dim ...
Optical BK7 &LaSFN9  ball lens from China
Min Order:100 Piece(s)
We supply optical spherical ball lens Specifications: Material: BK7, LaSFN9 glass or other optical glass Sphericity: /4 at 633nm Surface Quality: 20-1 ...
Spherical Lenses
FOB Price:US $1.00-2.00
Fused Silica Plano-Convex Lenses with 1064 nm Laser Line Antireflection V-Coating Fused silica Plano-Convex lenses are the best choice for focusing pa ...
Optical lens
Optical lens OLAN optics technology co. supply all kinds of the optical components from VIR, UV, NIR to IR application. We have confidence to be your ...
1.61 Organic High Index Lens(Spheric and Aspheric)
SKU: EL07 1.61 ORGANIC HIGH INDEX LENS(Spheric and Asperic) Dia:72mm Index=1.604 Abbe value: 42 Specific Gravity: 1.30 UV400 available HC, HMC, EMI, S ...
Znse Window
ZnSe Window Specification: 100mm*13mm. Safetyrich manyly product various kinds of optical lenses. Many design upon you details information.
led lens plastic lens light lenses
Min Order:500 Bag(s)
FOB Price:US $0.10-2.50
PMMA LENS FOR COB LED TRADING COMPANY A. Dimension: ? 69*15.7 B. Fwhm: 10° 20° 30° C. Material: PMMA D. Led series: COB led
Zoom lens
Min Order:1 Set(s)
FOB Price:US $150.00-500.00
Zoom optical system PZ-Z65 6.5:1 optical zoom range: Dynamic zoom magnification range: 0.1x~450x High contrast images and vivid colors Large zoom visu ...
CO2 Laser Optics
Min Order:10 Piece(s)
FOB Price:US $10.00-500.00
lenses, windows, prisms used in CO2 laser machine Parameter Units Data Diameter mm 10—300 Diameter Tolerance mm +/-0.05 Thickness Tolerance mm 0+/-0 ...
optical half ball lens/hemispherical lens from China
Specification of half ball lens as follow: Diameter (mm):0.5mm-100mm Radius Tolerance (?m):+0/-0.01 Center Thickness Tolerance:(mm) ±0.01 Surface Qua ...
Optically Contacted Zero-order Waveplates supplier
FOB Price:US $1.00-1000.00
It is constructed of two multi-order waveplates with axis crossed. Thus, it performs as a zero-order waveplatebecause of the effect of two plates coun ...
cylindrical lens, plano convex cylindricla lens
According to custom design to manufacture kinds of cylindrical lenses.Such as plano convex cylindrical lens, plano concave cylindrical lens, bi-convex ...
CO2 Laser  Lenses
3-Axis Dynamic Axicon Lens Beam Combiner Beam Expander for 10.6um (UniBET Series) Beam Expander for 10.6um (BEX series) Beam Expander for 1064nm/532nm ...
Zinc selenide ZnSe laser lens blank
Min Order:100 Piece(s)
Category: Laser lens blank Shape: wafer(Dia. 20-100 mm, T ? 3mm) Color: Orange, Transparent Purit
Aspherical Lens
Min Order:20 Piece(s)
Aspherical Lens 20D 60D 70D 78D 90D
Infinity corrected long working distance objective
Min Order:1 Set(s)
MA121201 5X Infinity Corrected Long Working Distance Objective, parfocal distance 95mm, working distance 44.5mm, focal length 40mm, N.A. 0.13 MA121102 ...
Fiber Splicing Machines Lens
Fiber splicing machines lens can be used to observe welding machine after repair the consequences of optical fiber, can clearly see molten core of fib ...
Zero order Waveplates
Zero order Waveplates Zero order waveplates are constructed of two multiple order waveplates with their axes crossed, thus the effect of the first pla ...

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