Malachite Green ELISA Test Kit

Malachite Green ELISA Test Kit
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Intended Use
The REAGEN™Malachite green plate kit is a competitive elisa for the quantitative analysis of Malachite green in aquatic products.
Assay Principles
The REAGEN™Malachite green plate kit is a competitive enzyme-labeled immunoassay. Malachite green is extracted from a sample by blending or shaking with extraction solvent. The diluted Malachite green sample extract and calibrators are pipetted into the test wells followed by malachite green antibody into the test wells to initiate the reaction. After this 30 minute incubation the wells are washed with laboratory grade water. Add Malachite green HRP conjugate for 30 minutes. Following a second wash after the incubation, a clear substrate is added to the wells and any bound enzyme conjugate causes the conversion to a blue color. After the 15 minute incubation, the reaction is stopped and the amount of color in each well is read . The color of the unknown samples is compared is compared to the color of the calibrators and the Malachite green concentration of the samples is derived.


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