CCCT and its importance in the Textile and Apparel industries

Industry professionals need to understand the importance of interacting with established associations and organizations that support Chinese businesses with their domestic and international presence.  

In this article, I will discuss the benefits of CCCT (China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of the Textile and Apparel industry) that was established in 1988 and has over 12,000 registered members; which represents 70% of the annual export volume of the Textile and Apparel Trade. It is the largest and most influential external trade agency in China. 

It’s a well-known fact that China is the largest country specializing in the textile and apparel industry and has established suppliers for all commodities.   Vendors in China are modernizing their supply chain with efficiency and expertise to deliver better quality products and innovations.


CCCT works closely with the central government of China and has a strong relationship with MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce, People’s Republic of China (PRC). CCCT also works with the provincial, and city governments on policies, and external trade issues. It plays an important role in bridging and bonding the government, and business enterprises for the sustainable development of the Chinese Textile and Apparel Industry.  


In addition, CCCT works with its members on but is not limited to:

  • Protecting the best interests and legitimate rights of its members 
  • Partnerships with overseas national industry associations on a globalization strategy with mature, developed, and developing countries that rely on China for apparel, textiles, trims, equipment, and technology.
  • Representing Chinese industry interests in international organizations (International Apparel Federation, IAF board member)
  • Establishing long-term relationships with domestic, international trade shows to connect its members with qualified buyers globally:
    • Canton Fair
    • China Import Expo
    • East China Fair
    • Apparel Textile Sourcing (ATS) shows in Toronto, Miami, and Berlin
    • China Clothing Textile & Accessories Expo in Australia
    • Textile & Sport show in Manila
  • Organizing Textile forums, Conferences (China & Asia Textile Forum, China International Silk Forum, Global Yarn Fabric Summit)
  • Providing leading expert advice that supports manufacturing, trends, technology, brands, investments, and schools in the textile and apparel industries. 
  • Promoting the importance of the Chinese textile and apparel industries in global markets highlighting established, emerging brands and suppliers.  
  • Support its members with proper policies, procedures, processes, and paperwork to abide by Chinese government regulations
  • Trade policies, market, industry trends, and trade statistics
  • Training sessions, lectures, and seminars 
  • Facilitating the settlement of trade disputes and protecting intellectual property rights
  • Providing R&D, innovation, creativity training, and support 
  • Overseas investments, mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions
  • Ethical business and corporate governance
  • Social responsibility, Sustainability, and environmental policies   

CCCT has a diverse employee base who have lived, worked overseas and can communicate in many languages including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Arabic.  

Growth and Opportunity

To support its members CCCT has taken a proactive stance to assess the foreign market strategies and investment opportunities to strengthen and support their member’s international expansion; Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and Latin America for manufacturing and to identify, connect, and carry out due diligence on potential brands for acquisition, merger or partnership in U.S, European and Asian markets.

This is a great opportunity for developing countries to embrace the intelligence and experience of established Chinese firms to grow their countries emerging apparel and textile industries;  As well it’s a great opportunity for established brands to attract investment and expansion within the Chinese marketplace. 


It is well known that China is the largest apparel and textile market in the world highlighting their strengths with innovation and a modern supply chain.   For a growing foreign brand it is also a great opportunity to expand and capitalize on opportunities.

As a socially responsible association, CCCT recognizes the growing importance of environmental protection, sustainability, corporate governance and works with its members on certification and qualifications in the EU, USA, and Asia to gain the confidence of international brands and retailers. 

CCCT Membership is limited to Chinese companies, if you are a foreign enterprise and wish to join; it is mandatory that your company be registered in China to become a member. 

CCCT represents the best interests of the textile and apparel industry, enterprises, government policies, and legal provisions in China, and strives to enhance their international recognition, to find out more please check out CCCT online.

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