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Part Quickie
Min Order:1 Set(s)
FOB Price:US $12000.00-15000.00
Part Quickie is an Automated Optical Measurement System. It can automate part pass/fail decisions with an accuracy of 3 microns. Minimize operator err ...
2011 CE hot selling digital pressure gauge
Min Order:10 Piece(s)
FOB Price:US $20.00-100.00
2011 CE hot selling digital pressure gague 1 Pressure regulator PD201 is an item of digital pressure gauge with battery voltage supply. 2 Pressure reg ...
hexane gas leak detector
The model VS-70 E is calibrated before shipment to read directly in percent L.E.L. of methane in air, based on the known L.E.L. for methane of 5.0% by ...
High Voltage Low Voltage Switchgear Circuit Breaker Tester
Min Order:1 Set(s)
FOB Price:US $1000.00-10000.00
General information: SXGK-G is designed to measure and test mechanical characteristics parameters of high voltage and low voltage circuit breakers of ...
Flame Photometer
Min Order:1 Piece(s)
Main Products: UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Visible Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Automatic Polarimeter, Whiteness Meter, Turbidity Meter, Tintome ...
corrugated cardboard production line  corrugated box machinery
Min Order:1 Set(s)
FOB Price:US $10000.00-600000.00
corrugated cardboard production line corrugated box machinery Corrugated board production line We manufacture corrugated cardboard production line for ...
carbon dioxide gas leak detector
G. Check zero setting by turning switch to ON position. Meter should read close to zero. Lift and turn ZERO knob to bring reading to exactly 0. H. Cou ...
Anti-tamper Single Phase Energy Meter Test Bench
Min Order:1 Set(s)
FOB Price:US $999999.00-9999999.00
Please contact us by our website Anti-tamper Single Phase Energy Meter Test Instrument Overview: The RT6103F Anti-tamper Single Phase Energ ...
HX675 Hydraulic Comparator
HX675 Hydraulic Comparator is composed of hand pump, lead screw, relieve valve, shut-off valve, booster valve, oil tank and output interface. It provi ...
o2 sensors
Indication Alpha numeric Digital Principle of Detection Self-Powered Diffusion Limited sealed Electrochemical Sensor Relative Humidity 0-99% RH Non-co ...
Exclusive advanced eddy current tester/ndt flaw detector
Min Order:1 Set(s)
The testing system complies to the following standards: GB/T 7735—95     GB/T 11260—96     ASTM-E  243—97 1.With the exclusive eddy cur ...
GD-0193 Oil Stability Index Measurment Equipment
Min Order:1 Set(s)
GD-0754 Aphalt Cohesion Test Equipment is designed and made as per T0754 “Emulsified Asphalt Slurry Seal Mixture Set and Cure Time Test” in the In ...
Vision measuring machine
Min Order:1 Set(s)
1)Model: EV-2515, 3020, 4030 EV series vision measuring machine has the features of powerful function and the high performance-price ratio. EV series ...
Alloy Density Tester GP-120EQ
Min Order:1 Set(s)
Suitable for: Rubber, Plastic, Electric wire, Hard alloy, New materials research lab Principle: According to ASTMD297-93, D792-00, D618, D891, GB/T103 ...
Octane analyzer ASTM D2699 ASTM D2700 SINPAR FTC-M1/M2
Min Order:1 Set(s)
FOB Price:US $200000.00-450000.00
SINPAR FTC-M1/M2 is a complete system for octane determination, conforming to ASTM D2699 (ISO 5164) and ASTM D2700(ISO5163) Standard Test Method for K ...
2.5Inch - Digital Pressure Gauges - Vacuum
FOB Price:US $1.00-10.00
Range:100Psi, 200Psi, 300Psi Environmental Conditions Fit for non-corrosive clean air Temperature Error: ± 1% F.S. Accuracy ± 0.5% F.S. ± 1 digit @ ...
Min Order:1000 Piece(s)
FOB Price:US $6.00-10.00
FEATURES: 1. ISO 4064 Class B for horizontal installation 2. Sealed wet dial register 3. Mechanical transmission movement equates to maximum reliabili ...
Sharp Point Tester SL-S01
Min Order:1 Piece(s)
Sharp Point Tester To determine whether accessible sharp points on toys are likely to cause injury. If the accessible sharp point penetrates a specifi ...
Fusible100% Polypropylene(PP) Spunbond Waterproof Non Woven Fabric for lining
Detail: Fusible100% Polypropylene(PP) Spunbond Waterproof Non Woven Fabric for lining Specifications pp nonwoven interlining fabric1. Material:polypro ...
iNEQ-spec pressure, temperature
FOB Price:US $10.00-200.00
iNEQ group (Instrument & Equipment Specialties Inc.) headquarter lies in Wilmington, USA. iNEQ business mainly includes two parts, as ma ...

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