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Shanghai Skyblue Chemical Co., Ltd.

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[ Shanghai, SG, China ]

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Common name: prometryn; prometryne
IUPAC name: N2,N4-di-isopropyl-6-methylthio-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-diamine
Chemical Abstracts name: N,N'-bis(1-methylethyl)-6-(methylthio)-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-diamine
CAS RN: [7287-19-6]

Composition: Tech. is 96% pure. Mol. wt.: 241.4; M.f.: C10H19N5S; Form: White powder. M.p.: 118-120 C; B.p.: >300 C/100 kPa. V.p.: 0.165 mPa (25 C) (OECD 104). KOW: logP = 3.1 (25 C, unionised). Henry: 1.2x10-3 Pa m3 mol-1 (calc.) S.g./density: 1.15 (20 C). Solubility: In water 33 mg/l (25 C). In acetone 300, ethanol 140, hexane 6.3, toluene 200, n-octanol 110 (all in g/l, 25 C). Stability: Stable to hydrolysis at 20 C in neutral, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline media. Hydrolysed by warm acids and alkalis. Decomposed by u.v. irradiation. pKa: 4.1, weak base.

Biochemistry: Photosynthetic electron transport inhibitor at the photosystem II receptor site. Also inhibits oxidative phosphorylation.
Mode of action: Selective systemic herbicide, absorbed by the leaves and roots, with translocation acropetally through the xylem from the roots and foliage, and accumulation in the apical meristems.
Uses: Used pre-emergence, at 0.8-2.5 kg/ha, in cotton, sunflowers, peanuts, potatoes, carrots, peas and beans; post-emergence, at 0.8-1.5 kg/ha, in cotton, potatoes, carrots, celery and leeks.
Phytotoxicity: Used as a directed spray on cotton while young, to avoid foliar injury.
Formulation types: FW; SC; WP.

Oral: Acute oral LD50 for rats >2000 mg/kg.
Skin and eye: Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats >3100, rabbits >2020 mg/kg. Not irritant to skin and slightly irritant to eyes of rabbits. Not a skin sensitiser (guinea pigs).
Inhalation: LC50 (4 h) for rats >5170 mg/m3.
NOEL: (2 y) for rats 750, dogs 150 ppm; (21 mo) for mice 10 ppm.
ADI: 0.01 mg/kg.
Toxicity class: WHO (a.i.) III (Table 5); EPA (formulation) III (80 WP), II (4 L)

Birds: Dietary LC50 (8 d) for bobwhite quail >5000, mallard ducks >500 ppm.
Fish: LC50 (96 h) for rainbow trout 5.5, bluegill sunfish 7.9 mg/l.
Daphnia: LC50 (48 h) 12.66 mg/l.
Algae: EC50 (5 d) for Selenastrum capricornutum 0.023 mg/l.
Other aquatic spp.: EC50 for mysid shrimp (Mysidopsis bahia) 1.7 mg/l.
Bees: Not toxic to bees. LD50 (oral) >99 ug/bee; (contact) >130 ug/bee.
Worms: LC50 (14 d) for earthworms 153 mg/kg soil.

Plants: Metabolised by tolerant plants, and, to a lesser extent, by sensitive plants, by oxidation of the methylthio group to hydroxy metabolites, and by dealkylation of the side-chains. Degradation in plants is generally slow.
Soil/Environment: In soil, microbial degradation takes place, with oxidation of the methylthio group to hydroxy metabolites, and dealkylation of the side-chains. Median DT50 in soil 50 d (14-158 d). Koc 400, indicating low mobility in soil. Degradation in aquatic systems is caused by microbial processes; further dissipation results from adsorption to the suspended and bottom sediments.

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Business Type:
Manufacturer, Trading Company
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11 - 50

About Us

Shanghai Skyblue Chemical Co Ltd is supplying a wide range products for Household & Public Health and Agriculture.

Pyrethroids: Bioallethrin, d-Allethrin, d-Cyphenothrin, d-Phenothrin, d-Tetramethrin, Esbiothrin, Empenthrin, Imiprothrin, Prallethrin, Tetramethrin, Transfluthrin, etc.
Insect Repellents: DEET, IR3535, Citronella Oil, p-Menthane-3,8-Diol.
Cockroach Gel Baits: Biological Gel Bait, Fipronil Gel Bait, Hydramethylnon Gel Bait, Imidacloprid Gel Bait.
Mixed Formulations for Public Health: Alpha-cypermethrin + Propoxur, D-tetramethrin + Permethrin, Esbiothrin + Permethrin, Permethrin + Tetramethrin, etc.
Mixed Formulations of Agrochemicals: Bensulfuron methyl + Quinclorac, Copper Oxychloride + Dimethomorph, Difenoconazole + Penconazole, Hexaconazole + Tricyclazole, Propargite + Pyridaben, Propiconazole + Tebuconazole, Bifenthrin + Imidacloprid, etc.
Insecticide Synergist: Piperonyl Butoxide.

We always target to provide our customers with top quality products along with moderate prices and professional services, and look forward to establishing and maintaining long term partnerships with all customers toward a future of resplendence.

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