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Dear Sir,
We of HUTTS & CO on behalf of our Esteemed Buyers require SLCO in Bulk .
The points to be confirmed are noted below.
Please send us your SCO and mandate letter Of Authority.
Most importantly Buyer is ready, willing and able and not only that, in fact we have 2 ready buyers now and each requires:
5 million BBL's SLCO x 12 mths ( x 2)
Buyer 1) from Germany, who is Member of EU Parliament
Buyer 2) From Austria
1. Can a total of 10 million BBL's SLCO be allocated & supplied in total to those prospective buyers of 5 mln BBL's each?
2. Buyer envisions the following procedure which please needs to be discussed and considered by mandate and seller:
a) Buyer issues RWA
b) Sellers shows POP
c) Buyer issues BG from top-50 bank
Please let me know if we can accommodate both sides and have a win-win all together, (plus 2 buyers).
Looking forward to your positive response.
Kind Regards,
Brian Hutt

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