Universal Genius Programmer High Quality

Universal Genius Programmer High Quality

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Ecuobds Tech Co.,Ltd

Free Member  (2011)

[ Shenzhen, GU, China ]

Business Type:  Manufacturer, Trading Company

Supplier has 50 products

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Universal Genius Programmer

AMD/MMI========== nos=49
AM2716B AM2732 AM2732A AM2732B AM2764
AM2764(SOIC28) AM2764A AM2764A(SOIC28) AM2764AP AM27C64
AM27C64(SOIC28) AM27128 AM27128(SOIC28) AM27128APC AM27128B
AM27128P AM27C128 AM27C128(SOIC28) AM27128AF AM27BV128
AM27256HV AM27256HV(SOIC28) AM27C256 AM27C256(SOIC28) AM27C256B
AM27C256B(SOIC28) AM27C256F AM27BH256 AM27C256P AM27H256
AM27512 AM27512(SOIC28) AM27512HV AM27C512 AM27C010
AM27C010(PLCC32) AM27C010(TSOP32) AM27H010 AM27HB010 AM27C020
AM27C020(PLCC32) AM27C020(TSOP32) AM27C040 AM27C040(PLC32) AM27C040(TSOP32)
AM27C080 AM27C080(PLC32) AM27C080(TSOP32)
ATMEL========== nos=35
AT27C64(SOIC28) AT27HC64 AT27HC64L AT27C128 AT27C128(SOIC28)
AT27C128/L AT27C256 AT27C256(SOIC28) AT27C256L AT27C256R
AT27C256RL AT27HC256 AT27HC256L AT27HCQ256 AT27C512
AT27C512(SOIC28) AT27HC512 AT27512R AT27HCQ512L AT27C010
AT27C010(PLCC32) AT27C010(TSOP32) AT27C010L AT27C010A AT27C020
AT27C020(PLCC32) AT27C020(TSOP32) AT27C020L AT27C020A AT27C040
AT27C040(PLCC32) AT27C040(PLCC32) AT27C040L AT27C040A
CATALYST========== nos=20
CAT2764A(SOIC28) CAT27C128 CAT27C128(SOIC) CAT27C128A CAT27C256
CAT27C256(SOIC28) CAT27512 CAT27512(SOIC28) CAT27C010 CAT27C010(PLCC32)
CAT27C010(TSOP32) CAT27C020 CAT27C020(PLCC32) CAT27C040 CAT27C040(PLC32)
CAT27C040(TSOP32) CAT27C080 CAT27C080(PLC32) CAT27C080(TSOP32)
CYPRESS========== nos=18
CY27C128(SOIC28) CY27H128 CY27C256 CY27C256(SOIC28) CY27H256
CY27C512 CY27C512(SOIC28) CY27C010 CY27C010(PLCC32) CY27C010(TSOP32)
CY27H010 CY27C020 CY27C020(PLCC32) CY27C020(TSOP32) CY27C040
CY27C040(PLCC32) CY27C040(TSOP32)
FUJITSU========== nos=37
MBM2716A MBM2716B MBM2732A MBM2732A MBM2732B
MBM2764 MBM2764(SOIC28) MBM2764A MBM27C64 MBM27128
MBM27C128 MBM27C128(SOIC28) MBM27C256 MBM27C256(SOIC28) MBM27C256A
MBM27C256H MBM27C512 MBM27C512(SOIC28) MBM27C1000 MBM27C1000(PLCC32)
MBM27C1000(TSOP32) MBM27C1001 MBM27C1001(PLCC32) MBM27C1001(TSOP32) MBM27C2000
MBM27C2000(PLCCP32) MBM27C2000(TSOP32) MBM27C2001 MBM27C2001(PLCC32) MBM27C2001(TSOP32)
MBM27C4001 MBM27C4001(PLCC32) MBM27C4001(TSOP32) MBM27C8001 MBM27C8001(PLCC32)
GENERAL========== nos=30
2716A 2716B 2732 2732 2732
2764 27C64 27128 27128A/P 27C128
27256 27C256 27256HV 27512 27C512
27C512(SOIC28) 27512HV 27010 27010(PLCC32) 27010(TSOP32)
27C010 27C010(PLCC32) 27C010(TSOP32) 27C020 27C020(PLCC32)
27C020(TSOP32) 27C040 27C040(PLCC32) 27C040(TSOP32)
HITACHI========== nos=33
HN27128AG HN27C128 HN27128P HN27C256 HN27C256A
HN27C256AK HN27C512 HN27C512G HN27C512P HN27C010
HN27C010(PLCC32) HN27C020 HN27C020(PLCC32) HN27C020(TSOP32) HN27C040
HN27C040(PLCC32) HN27C040(TSOP32) HN27C080 HN27C080(PLCC32) HN27C080(TSOP32)
HN27C101 HN27C101(PLCC32) HN27C101(TSOP32) HN27C201 HN27C201(PLCC32)
HN27C201(TSOP32) HN27C401 HN27C401(PLCC32) HN27C401(TSOP32) HN27C801
HN27C801(PLCC32) HN27C801(TSOP32)
HVUNDAI========== nos=1

ICT========== nos=9
27CX010 27CX010(PLCC32) 27CX010(TSOP32) 27CX020 27CX020(TSOP32)
27CX040 27CX040(PLCC32) 27CX040(TSOP32)
INTEL========== nos=37
2716A 2716B 2732 2732A 2732B
2764 27A/C64 87C64 27128 27128A
27C128 27256 87C256 27C512 27010
27010(PLCC32) 27010(TSOP32) 27C010 27C010(PLCC32) 27C010(TSOP32)
27010A 27020 27020(PLCC32) 27020(TSOP32) 27C020
27C020(PLCC32) 27C020(TSOP32) 27040 27040(PLCC32) 27040(TSOP32)
27C040 27C040(PLCC32) 27C040(TSOP32) 27C080 27C080(PLCC32)
MATUSHITA========== nos=2
MICROCHIP========== nos=9
27C32A 27HC64 27C64A 27C128 27C128A
27C256 27HC256 27C512
MITSUBISHI========== nos=12
2716B 2716B 2732 2732A 2732B
M5L2764 M5L27128 M5L27128K M5M27C128K M5M27C256
MXIC========== nos=8
MX2716A MX2716B MX2732 MX2732A MX2732B
MX27256 MX512
NEC========== nos=27
D2716A D2716B D2732 D2732A D2732B
D2764 27C64A D27128 D27C128 D27C256
D27C256AP D27C256K D27C256AK D27C256P D27C512
D27C512A D27C512AK D27C100 D27C101 D27C1000
D27C1001 D27C2000 D27C2001 D27C4000 D27C4001
NS========== nos=40

Basic Information

Business Type:
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Year Established:
Total Employees:

About Us

Since 2002, ECUOBDS TECH has been one of the leaders and main suppliers in the automobile diagnostic tool industry. Up to now, over 30 patents have been approved or are pending around the world. With top quality, advanced technology and large manufacturing capacity, ECUOBDS TECH is selected as program provider, product supplier or OEM partner for many world-famous companies in different continents.

Products We Offer
Highly focus on global customers' needs and growing product lines, ECUOBDS TECH supplies series of auto diagnostic tools with factory price. Meanwhile, we benefit our customers' businesses by offering high quality products, timely delivery, technology innovation and customized services.

For auto diagnostic tools, we make VAG-COM cables, code readers, auto scanners, auto chip-turning tools, vehicle OBDII trouble code readers, trouble code readers for VW/Audi, and mileage correction tool kits (TachoPro).

Flexible Customer Services
With the accumulated expertise and versatile service unit, totally development of product upon customers' requirement, ODM/OEM services are provided to the customers around the world.

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Free Member

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